• Case forming, loading and sealing on a single machine
  • Less cumbersome design
  • Operator zones visible and accessible
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Case forming, loading and sealing on a single machine.
    • Collation and packing principle adapted to flexible and/or complex-shaped products.
    • Smooth and accurate transfer of the cases from station to station by a mechanically-driven trolley.


    • Positioning carefully controlled during collation, forming and loading of the RSC
    • Ergonomic design of the case magazine limits the pressure exerted on the case being extracted
    • An ideal solution for a low product infeed
    • Hot-melt or adhesive tape sealing


    • Case squaring guaranteed
    • Quick and easy format changeovers
    • Speed: up to 15 cycles/min
    • Product and case size ranges available on request

  • Operating

    Product packing

    • Stocking of blanks upright in a flat chain magazine advancing mechanically with stabilizing guide.
    • Extraction and presentation of the blank vertically at the forming station by an arm with suction cups.
    • Forming and squaring of the case while static by rotating arm and lower support ramp.
    • Transfer of packaging from one station to the next, held between front and rear rotating brackets, carried out by servo-motor shuttle.
    • Products guided into the case by the action of 4 lower moving guides.
    • Case supported and flaps held vertical during this operation by the action of an upper counter plate.
    • Products held in the case during folding of the bottom flaps by the specific combination of actions associated with the folding of the lower flaps and the lateral withdrawal of the loading plate.

    Hot-melt glue version

    • Progressive folding of flaps carried out by a set of fixed and moving guides.
    • Application of even hot-melt glue strips obtained by controlling the speed of the shuttle.
    • Even pressure applied when the case is static by two pressing plates to guarantee correct gluing and squaring prior to outfeed.

    Adhesive tape version

    • Complete folding of the long flaps by fixed rollers.
    • Positive transfer of the case by motorized belts for sealing using adhesive tape.

    Case lowering system


    Transfer of cases onto a free roller motorized band conveyor and pneumatically-driven descent to link to the downstream conveyor.

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Bottom loading case packer

Bottom loading case packer

Watch video here
Bottom loading case packer
Bottom loading case packer
Bottom loading case packer
Bottom loading case packer
Bottom loading case packer