• Volumetric filling with electro pneumatic valves and magnetic flowmeters
  • Reduced format changeover times with minimal product losses
  • High level of hygiene 
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  • Product Information

    Specifically designed for filling cans, the Starcans FM filler is characterized by the use of electro pneumatic valves with the contents of the can being determined volumetrically by magnetic flowmeters.

    Magnetic flowmeters may be considered the technologically most advanced volumetric measuring devices, able to guarantee the greatest precision, versatility, and hygiene.


    New can filler / seamer electronic coupling

    New drive system, between filler & seamer, based on independent servomotors instead of the traditional mechanical drive without gear boxes, belts, cardan shafts.!

    • Better hygiene: less retention zones,
    • No lubrication required
    • Lower maintenance, no wear parts
    • Accurate can transfer: no more excessive play
    • Higher efficiency drives 

    Magnetic flowmeters

    According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, a voltage will be induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field.

    In magnetic-inductive measurement the flowing fluid is the moving conductor.

    The induced force is proportional to the speed of flow and is measured by an electrode couple.

    The volume of fluid is determined from the cross-section of the tube.


    Control system

    The filling parameters and control signals required for the correct functioning of the filling valve are situated in an electronic card (master) in the control PC - the control signals are sent to each individual electronic card (slave) controlling every valve, by field bus data transmission. The system has simplified cabling of the rotary parts and makes troubleshooting much easier. The system provides continuous monitoring of each individual valve with the possibility of modifying the working parameters automatically.

    Thanks to the independent valve control, in cases of malfunction, an individual valve can be switched off without affecting the overall working of the machine.


    Filling valves

    • Phases of the filling process controlled by pneumatically operated membranes
    • External assembly and pneumatic links with no connections mean that the whole valve can be easily and rapidly dismantled
    • Product conduct without turbulence
    • No part of the valve requires replacing in the format changeover
    • No tubes inside the can
    • Can be fitted with pre-filling CO2 fluxing
    • Minimal oxygen pick-up during filling
    • Can have separate air return


    The machine is designed to be sanitized in a closed circuit using dummy cans.

    All parts that come into contact with the product are treated in the sanitization cycles. During the filling stage, the dummy cans are in a retracted position with regards to the filling valve.

    During sanitization, the dummy cans are inserted and released automatically by a command on the operator panel. Optional automatic external disinfecting systems for the machine, using chemicals and hot water, are available.


    Automatic height adjustment

    The filler is equipped with an automatic height adjustment to meet the requirement for various formats.

    The filling valve support and the cam for the centering bells are driven by electric motors.

    During lifting/lowering movements an electronic control system ensures the valves and cam for the centering bells are synchronized.

    Thanks to the height memorizing function, corresponding to the various formats, the system guarantees very high precision, repeatability, user-friendliness, and minimal changeover times.

  • Main Features

    • Products handled: carbonated soft drinks, beer, mineral water, and still products
    • Pneumatically-controlled valves
    • Volumetric filling with magnetic flowmeters
    • Manifold decompression
    • High filling precision with consequent product savings
    • Product feed from external fixed tank (which can be integrated with the mix processor tank)
    • Minimal losses in product changeover
    • High performing
    • Considerable product/container flexibility
    • Reduced format changeover times
    • Extensive sanitization
    • Can be blocked with seamers from major suppliers

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