Compact gantry palletizer : P5 Compact gantry palletizer : P5 Compact gantry palletizer : P5 Compact gantry palletizer : P5

Compact gantry palletizer : P5

  • Modular and versatile solution in terms of speed and number of palletizing stations
  • Reduced footprint - Clear, easily accessible machine
  • Enhanced ergonomics and safety

Product information

Technical characteristics

  • Ground level access into the machine; lower section is left free thanks to the gantry structure.
  • Minimum footprint: palletizer perimeter dimensions as near as possible to the pallet dimensions.
  • Overall machine height reduced and visibility/appearance improved by using a telescopic mast.


  • Naturally wide working envelope within a compact frame thanks to the gantry design.
  • SecurBox®: transparent sliding cubicle enabling the operator to evacuate a loaded pallet safely without stopping the machine cycle; palletization continues on the second station.


  • Payload: up to 12kg with tooling.
  • Speed: up to 7.5 cycles per minute depending on the application.
  • Versatility: 1, 2 or 3-station model with optional pallet gripping, layer card insertion, etc..


  • PC HMI/remote maintenance kit.
  • Integration of a labeller and a case tipping device directly inside the palletizer.

Functional description

  • Infeed of cases in accumulation and transfer onto an inclined driven roller conveyor.
  • Selection and isolation of a case or a batch of cases at the gripping station by retractable stop.
  • Gripping and positioning of the batch by motorized transfers on 4 axes (head rotation from 0 to 180°).
  • Manual positioning of the empty pallet on the floor against fixed guides on 2 independent stations.
  • Palletization carried out alternately on each station in total safety thanks to the Securbox® system. This transparent sliding cubicle is transferred alternatively from one station to another when a pallet is complete.
  • The operator removes the loaded pallet with a pallet jack in total safety from whichever station is ready first.


  • Completely servo-driven for smooth and accurate movements.
  • Compact footprint by integrating the case conveyor into the frame to limit accumulation length between machines.
  • Overall machine height and visibility/appearance improved by using a telescopic mast.
  • Guides and motors positioned in the upper part of the equipment to give complete access to the operator.
  • Quick and easy format changeovers.
  • Option: integration of a labeler and a case tipping device.

3D Animations:
Compact gantry palletizer : P5
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Compact gantry palletizer : P5
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