Integrated robotic solution Pre-collation_Batch forming Product flow management Lightweight tooling

Robotics: Product Handling and Case Packing

  • Complete range of robot loading arms to meet all speed/ payload/layout requirements
  • Simplification of product collation for improved access as well as greater speed/ease in format changeovers
  • Customized, lightweight gripping tooling - Flexibility and versatility of the robot concept

Product handling
Case packing

Pre-collation / batch forming

  •  Batch preparation prior to case packing /shrink-wrapping
  •  Unstable but stackable products collated in a forming frame
  •  Products oriented according to configuration and display requirements
  •  Handling of individual or multiple products

Product flow management

  • Continuous flow distribution between several gripping arms (from one to x number of connected plug & play robots) with no accumulation
  • Machine  operation  by  standard  software  controlling a wide variety of algorithms to permanently optimize flow management
    • Machine start-up, run-out…
    • Batch collation, case loading, assortment
    • Degraded modes for production continuity if an incident occurs
  • Interfacing with detection systems (sensor, 2D vision, 3D scanner, etc.)

Lightweight tooling

  • 30% reduction on average in relation to traditional gripping heads
    • Association of composite materials (carbon, aluminum in a honeycomb structure)
    • Agglomerated polymers by 3D printing
  • Various types of gripping tooling to preserve products: membranes, suction cups, grippers
  • Optimization of the choice of loading arms, saving in energy
  • Protection of tooling by "intelligent" head safety mechanism, depending on the application

Product assortment

  • Forming of mixed product batches
    • Directly in the robot tooling
    • Robotic  preparation  upstream  from  the  case  packer depending on the speed and number of lanes/product references
  • Flexible solution for format changeovers
  • All configurations can be parameterized on the Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Complete range of loading arms

  • Loading arms from 2 to 6 axes
  • Optimization of the choice of arm depending on speed, payload and layout criteria
  • Compliance with manufacturer guidelines for increased life span
  • Smooth and accurate movements with optimum product protection
  • Controlled presentation of products in the transit packaging

Flexible products

  • Perfectly adapted  to bags, stand-up pouches (Doypacks®), flowpacks, etc.
  • Handling of products upright or lying flat
  • Precise movements to protect products whatever their contents (liquid, solid, pasty, viscous) and features (cap, straw, etc.)
  • Modular design allowing unit to be scaled in accordance with the required speed and product contents/weight

Automatic format changeovers

  • Easy-to-dismantle gripping tooling (as a whole or grippers only)
  • Robot capable of changing automatically
    • its gripping tooling
    • other tooling on the machine (loading funnel, comb, etc.)
    • certain adjustments

HMI and additional operations

  • Advanced PC-based Human Machine Interface allowing natural interaction between the operator, the robots and other peripheral elements,    without expertise in robotics
  • Trajectory  configuration, step by step modes,  help views centralized on the HMI
  • Optional management of layer card and product wedge insertion
  • Product quality control by 2D or 3D vision system and Track & Trace function for serialization

3D Animations:
Integrated robotic solution
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Integrated robotic solutions
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