In our world, maximizing your efficiency also means minimizing your carbon footprint.

Gebo Cermex is an eco-responsible company. We are a global player that delivers production solutions all over the world and we take an interest in and care about the world we live and work in.


Sustainability is one of today’s fundamental business challenges globally and it is our responsibility to care for our planet and its people. That’s why in every phase of your project from line engineering and equipment design to line audits focused on optimization of energy consumption; we consider the impact of our solutions on the environment. 


We are committed to optimizing efficiency in order to reduce our use of resources and we continually challenge the limits of technology to make business more sustainability focused. Some of our major sites around the world have been awarded ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. Currently, we are evaluating the carbon footprints of our main sites in France to ascertain how we can make them even more efficient.

Gebo Cermex
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