As per 1 January 2019, our Sidel and Gebo Cermex business units form a single team called Sidel.


  • Highly standardized and well-designed equipment 
  • Flexible, powerful, high speed solution
  • Optimized foot print


The Pal Vite 200 and the PR Compact are robotic palletizers that manage to be powerful, flexible and high-speed while requiring very little in the way of floor space.


Pal-Vite 200


This top-value palletizing cell is designed for production units with throughputs of between 7 and 16 products/min., i.e. 500 to 1000 products/hour.

It is highly standardized and well-designed as well as being one of the most reliable products on the market.


PR Compact


Flexibility is one of the PR Compact’s foremost qualities, but it will also boost your productivity, thus optimizing your operating costs.

It is a powerful, high speed solution that offers various layout possibilities. The PR Compact is a versatile palletizing unit thanks to concepts developed by Gebo Cermex, including its optimized footprint. It can be easily combined with a case packer, to form a very compact combi solution for your End of Line.