As per 1 January 2019, our Sidel and Gebo Cermex business units form a single team called Sidel.


  • Automated movements programmed to perform high-speed operations
  • Flexible thanks to the modularity/orientation of the units, wide working area and combined operations
  • Easy access on all sides and minimal floor space requirements, simple to fit into existing lines 



The word which best sums up Depal Robo-column is “flexibility”. Suitable for any speed application, it can be used for both low-level and high-level depalletization and all pallet standards up to 1 250 mm, including half pallets and quarter pallets. Additionally, changeovers are fully automatic, without mechanical intervention.

Depal Robo-column has been designed with efficiency in mind, affording easy access on all sides and with minimal floor space requirements. It can easily fit into existing lines. Based on brushless technology, it is a sustainable solution and also offers a low noise level.

In terms of performance, its line working capability is up to 5.8 layers/min. for the single pallet version and up to 8 layers/min. for the double pallet SP 1000 HS version. Robo-column is a robust, low-maintenance machine.