As per 1 January 2019, our Sidel and Gebo Cermex business units form a single team called Sidel.


  • Suitable for narrow environments
  • Agile, the AGV evolves at the heart of your production lines
  • Ideal for production in/out feeding.


The Gebo Cermex GL fork over legs AGV is of the straddle-stacking type.

Its compactness gives it a great capacity to melt into the heart of your production, particularly in narrow aisles, while ensuring optimum safety.

The GL type of AGV can be used, for example, for:

  • Pallet supplying and unloading on/from ends of production lines,
  • Marshalling.

From the GL 8.1 to the GL 10.3 through the GL 10.1, this range of AGVs ensures the supply of stacks of empty pallets and packaging materials. Thus, these AGVs perfectly complement Gebo Cermex’s end-of-line process.

AGVs are manufactured by BA Systèmes and traded under  the Gebo Cermex brand.