As per 1 January 2019, our Sidel and Gebo Cermex business units form a single team called Sidel.


  • Universal single file accumulation for low and medium speeds
  • Suitable for various industries, materials, shapes and formats
  • Empty and filled containers 



AQ-File is a universal single file accumulation solution tailored to absolutely any industrial sector: beverages, wines & spirits, liquid dairy products, oil, food, home and personal care, etc. It handles all container shapes and materials (plastic, glass, metal, carton), whether round or non-round. It offers low and medium speeds and is suitable for both empty and filled containers.

Maintenance is fully optimized with AQ-File. Its low friction and mechanical constraints bring maintenance costs down to the bare minimum, while full accessibility to all conveyor parts facilitates the process. It contains only a very small number of wear parts and a limited number of drives, as well as sharing common parts with the standard conveyor range. All parts are compliant with common mechanical and electrical technical standards.