• Handling of every kind of overpacked goods: full or empty cases, cardboard boxes, trays, hi-cones, shrink-wrapped packs.
  • Optimum product care
  • Preset control programs



Our comprehensive range of modular belt conveyors includes:

  • Transfer straight conveyor
  • Transfer curved conveyor
  • Accumulation conveyor
  • Brake conveyor
  • Interface
  • Incline and decline conveyors
  • Diverting table
  • Pack turner

A common feature among these solutions is the importance placed on care for your product. Gentle product handling is guaranteed through low pressure and low friction, smooth, flowing conveying and dynamic accumulation principles. The appearance of packs is also preserved thanks to our machines’ fast automatic conveyor discharge. Additionally, they are fitted with swan-neck inclines and declines to avoid product and chain damage.


VAT No.: IT01787680345