Committed to people

At Gebo Cermex we recognize that the diversity, development and well-being of our people are essential to both society as a whole and our long-term success. The ongoing personal development of our staff and the full acknowledgment of their professional and interpersonal skills are crucial to us. 

Not only are the best results achieved in an environment of mutual respect, but the values of trust, support and motivation genuinely make a difference to our company, our people, and society in general. 

In the years they spend at Gebo Cermex our employees accumulate substantial expertise, enabling us to provide sustainable solutions for our customers around the world.


Diversity is valuable

We believe in the many benefits of a diverse workforce, as these wide-ranging skills, experiences and opinions stand us in a strong position to successfully solve future challenges. We seek to recognize these differences by building teams that reflect the varied markets and communities in which we operate. The recruitment, training and personal development of all our employees is of prime importance to us.


Equality and respect 

Our commitments towards a sustainable and diverse workforce include:

  • Recruitment and promotion processes that are exclusively based on applicants' qualifications, experience and skills
  • The integration of people with disabilities through our workstation adaptation program
  • A policy to treat all employees equally and not to discriminate, either positively or negatively
  • No tolerance of any form of harassment
  • Respect for people’s social and cultural rights in all professional situations. Employees’ privacy rights are taken into account


Gender Equality

  • 17% Women / 83% Men
  • 23% of all hires are now women
  • % of women reporting to Leadership Team: 18%



  • Average age of a Gebo Cemerx: 41 years
  • Average hiring age: 32 years (range: 18 to 61)



  • We are proud to have 34 nationalities represented worldwide in Gebo Cermex


Employment duration

  • Average seniority: 12 years
  • Disabled personnel: 2% of staff
  • We are working to improve this figure with local initiatives in several Gebo Cermex facilities.



We promote training to support people’s personal and professionnel development throughout the year.

  • 54% of women trained in 2014
  • 54% of men trained in 2014
  • 2.4 days/ man – 2.2/ woman


Health and Safety

Prioritising health and safety

We aim to ensure that our production and business operations are performed as smoothly and safely as possible, without the slightest risk. For example, our manufacturing sites in Parma and Verona, Italy, have been awarded the OHSAS 18001 certification for Health and Safety Management Systems, as well as our facilities in Portugal (Vale de Cambra) and Western France (Saint Laurent sur Sèvre).

As the statistics below amply demonstrate, we continually strive to eradicate occupational accidents and illnesses and thereby reduce absences by carefully adhering to health and safety directives and adequately training our people. We dedicate specific budgets to health and safety programs and share related best practices worldwide.


Absence from work

  • 94% of absences are non-work related


Accident frequency and severity 

  • Lost Time Accident Frequency index, reflecting the number of accidents with work stoppage for 1 million of worked hrs (year 2014): 5.92
  • Lost Time Accident Severity index, reflecting the number of working days lost due to accidents for 1000 worked hrs (year 2014): 0.15 






Dialogue and career

Developing people benefits everyone

We firmly believe that everyone at Gebo Cermex should grow professionally. That is why we provide several training opportunities to support our people’s professional and personal development throughout the year.


Labour relations

We pay particular attention to labour relations with employees’ representatives and trade unions.

In addition to local workers’ councils, we regularly meet our French and European social partners to conduct constructive dialogue.


Promoting work-life balance

We’re fully aware of the importance of our employees’ work-life balance, as well as their well-being at work. In 2015 we launched a worldwide “well-being at work” program to promote local actions: flexible working hours, healthcare program, sport, relaxation, etc.


Recruitment & career management

We feel it is important to offer significant career opportunities to existing employees. To do so we support internal mobility in order to obtain profitable cross-fertilization within our organization and offer our staff support in their training needs so that they may succeed in their careers.

Successful external recruitment, carried out in a skilled and professional manner by our HR organization acting locally, is also crucial.

More generally, the induction period has to be handled professionally and efficiently in order to integrate newcomers so that they immediately feel part of our organization. Understanding our organization and the role played by each and every one of us is a prerequisite. Developing a deep and long-lasting feeling of belonging is the main remit of our operational HR personnel, through a bespoke on-boarding program.

In addition, existing talent development has to be managed: skilled, motivated and empowered employees are the cornerstone of our future competitiveness.


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