Packaging Line


  • A long-term perspective on your production facility
  • Alternatives for long-term equipment and production line investment
  • Ensuring that your investments will be in accordance with your company’s long term policies and general objectives
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  • Plan

    • Gebo Master Plan is a a long-term perspective on your production facility.
    • Providing management with alternatives for long-term equipment and production line investment, in order to achieve future marketing goals.
    • Detailing the phasing (scope, budget & schedule) of an expansion or modernization plan (3-5 years planning).
    • Ensuring an organization that every investment made within its scope will be in accordance with the company’s long term policies and general objectives.


    • Technical description of the proposed solution
    • Prioritization and general schedule
    • Detailed machinery selection, floor layouts and general implantation drawing
    • Detailed budgetary cost analysis per phases & disciplines
    • Detailed phasing of the production lines and schedule for each phase of the expansion
    • Marketing objectives accomplished by each phase of the Master Plan

    Performance objectives

    • Improvement of efficiency
    • Increased production capacity to match future production needs
    • Rationalization of existing production
    • Improvement of production quality: less product rejection
    • Minimization of plant shut downs and interference on production thanks to accurate and prioritized scheduling

    Functionality objectives

    • Minimization of changeover times, labor costs and maintenance
    • Improved line versatility to better react to market demands
    • Enhanced operations: ergonomic and safe workstations, easy access for material supply, safer machines, etc


    • One Project Manager: professional engineer specialized in packaging or process
    • One or more project engineers
    • Packaging or Process technicians
    • Mechanical / Electrical drafts people
    • Use of all the necessary resources and experience available from any other branch of the our group

  • Design

    Basic preliminary design and feasibility study

    You are considering a project regarding your packaging line, whatever the scope? The basic preliminary design helps you translate it into different solutions and determine the best option before funding it and taking action.



    • Determine the relevance of the project
    • Define the perimeter of the project and its feasibility
    • Identify the key features to be addressed in the project to be successful
    • Translate the need for a project, funded or not, into different solutions and options


    • Precise and clear definition of the quantitative and qualitative project objectives
    • Project scope
    • Preliminary Budget
    • Resources
    • Technical description & list of equipment
    • Preliminary Planning
    • Estimated payback
    • Opportunities & Threats
    • Monitoring
    • Layouts of possible solutions and justification on preferred option

    3D scan for brownfield projects

    Conversion, restructuration, rehabilitation: secure your project!


    As part of your equipment replacement or packaging line modification or re-engineering projects, our ‘Scanner 3D’ service range allows you to represent the environment of all or part of your production site.


    The objective is clearly to work on and validate a project to integrate new equipment or to make a major modification on an existing production line, ensuring that the existing and future volumes work alongside each other, well ahead of installation of the equipment on site.



    ‘Scanner 3D’ is a digitalisation system using laser technology.

    • Installation of the scanner on site to perform a precise 3D survey of surfaces and objects
    • Consolidation of the point cloud
    • Modelling of common parts
    • Modification/deletion of existing elements
    • Integration of new equipment from the 3D design drawing of the machine


    • Half the time of a manual inventory
    • Highly precise inventory, to the nearest 2 mm
    • Detection of potential incompatibilities and blocking points
    • 100% guaranteed solution thanks to the reliability of the data collected
    • View a 3D hyper-realistic 360° representation of your future installation

  • Detailed Plan

    Detailed preliminary design

    You are about to engage resources and budget in a new project? The detailed preliminary study helps you define all the key technical parameters for a successful project.



    • Detailed definition of the scope of work for a funded project
    • SMART approach: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound
    • Functional Analysis
    • Functional Specifications: determination of the required resources and actions to reach the project objectives


    • Detailed layout
    • List of equipment and services
    • Detailed budget per discipline
    • Detailed schedule with phases: design, installation, start up
    • Project execution plan

  • Modeling and Simulation

    • Assess the real potential of the line by using advanced simulation.
    • Predict with accuracy the impact of new investments on the Return On Investments.
    • Verify line ergonomics.

    Objectives for new lines

    • Validate design principles or options to estimate line efficiency probability
    • Show impact of lines on circulation areas and clear view of piping network

    Objectives for existing lines

    • Evaluate the impact of the different problems observed on line efficiency
    • Determine which part of the line should be redesigned
    • Evaluate and quantify each proposal

    Structure of a simulation project

    • Study of the plan (kick-off meeting)
    • Definition of the objectives: performance, capacity, optimization capability, comparative analysis
    • Preparation of the specifications and standard of experimentation
    • Determining of the necessary data and flows to be simulated
    • Determining of the assumptions for modeling
    • Preparation of layout and creation of the model
    • Check and validation of the model
    • Feeding of the simulator with recorded and treated data
    • Building up and testing of realistic "What if" scenarios (more accumulation, new machine with better availability, new machine with higher speed…)
    • Analysis of the results of the various experiments, data presentation

    Proof of principle

    • Objectives: validate a technical solution on a test loop or achieve a custom development
    • Deliverables: customer container test in R&D loop, bench test, and report of the simulation results

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Packaging line simulation with Virtual Reality

Packaging line simulation with Virtual Reality

Watch video here