Technical Design


  • A methodical approach
  • A proven project methodology
  • Easy line management for everyday use
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  • Mechanical Design

    Mechanical design services

    • Detailed line design
    • Equipment specification and selection
    • Equipment integration


    • Evaluation of process, utilities, civil and structural designs
    • Detailed description of line design principles
    • Definition of key line design parameters: critical machine, line efficiency, machine availability, accumulations, controls
    • Equipment specification, selection and sizing


    • Line layout
    • V-Graph and overspeeds
    • Equipment definition and detailed specifications
    • Bid packages
    • Installation specifications

  • Control & Automation Systems

    Design and programming of line network and equipment control


    Network design

    • Electrical, control, plant and corporate networks
    • Machine, PLC, process, line level
    • Ethernet TCP/IP using CISCO fiber router


    • Integration of new machines into existing network
    • Programming of packaging lines based upon V-Graph

    Line updating and optimization

    • Replacement of existing hardware by up-to-date solutions
    • Replacement of imperfect software by new line-oriented programs
    • Adding of new features on existing automation systems
    • Modification of equipment software

    Complete description of operation

    • From single equipment to complete line
    • For programming, training tool, maintenance manual

  • HMI

    Human-Machine Interface design

    • User-friendly interface for regular operations and troubleshooting
    • Ergonomic access to useful data increasing operator efficiency

    Technical maintenance control

    • Basic motor controls (auto, manual, stop or bump)
    • Motor parameters screen (speed,…)

    Human Machine Interface

    • General machine overview (machine status, main mechanism information, speed, pressure,…)
    • Alarms and warnings

    Process control and overview

    • General process controls ( auto, manual, stop,...)
    • Specific process controls (valve open / close,...)
    • Specific process feedback (temperature, pressure,…)

    Network control

    • Network status (activity, default,…)
    • Electrical panel status (power lost,…)
    • Trends screens (level, pressure,…)

  • HLI

    Human-Line Interface design

    • User-friendly overview of the line running
    • Ergonomic access to useful data increasing operator efficiency
    • Human Line Interface
      • General line overview (machine status, machine speed, line flow,…)
      • Line section overview (machine status, motor status, sensors information,…)
      • Alarms and warnings

    Easy line management

    • Operations: user manuals and operations instructions, logs and techniques, videos and demos, storage of all in web type portal
    • Maintenance: part list, maintenance and repair information, line e-maintenance server
    • Backup: PLC files centralization, backup of all PLC softwares
    • Interactivity: extension to remote diagnostic, possible software updates via web connection

    P.L.A.S.: Production and Logistic Automated System

    • Management of production orders
    • Management of consumable flows
    • Integration of machines, especially end-of-line
    • Management of coders, pallet labeling and other machines

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