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  • Sustainability
  • Excellent product quality
  • Ergonomics 
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  • Product Information

    • Suitable for products: beer, soft drinks, juices, sport drinks, isotonics, teas
    • Accessibility
    • Easy accessibility to tunnel through the side doors and covers on the roof
    • Easy accessibility to tanks through manhole doors
    • High density spraying
    • High spraying flow rate evenly distributed
    • Water flows optimization (coolers)
    • Reverse cascade in cooler to optimize the usage of cooling media

  • Assets


    • “PRINCE” control software is managing fresh water in a brand new way, reducing even further the water and steam consumption
    • During pasteurization control phase, the water to cool down the central tanks is taken from the adjacent tanks, saving fresh water

    Product quality

    • “PRINCE” control software is optimizing PU accumulation for any sequence of start&stop
    • “PRINCE” control software is always achieving “killing effect” (permanence for a set minimum time at a set minimum temperature) for any sequence of start&stop


    • Self cleaning spray-nozzles
    • Equippable with self cleaning spray-header
    • All the tanks have sloped bottom and man-hole doors
    • Hygienic design
    • High accessibility to the tunnels
    • Top area fully walkable and equipped with removable top covers
    • “PRINCE” software is very user friendly and is giving clear indications about machine functioning and performance

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Tunnel pasteurizers
Tunnel pasteurizers
Tunnel pasteurizers
Tunnel pasteurizers
Tunnel pasteurizers
Tunnel pasteurizers