Software for Pallet Pattern Management: Place & Pal Designer


  • Innovative automatic palletization scheme configuration and simulation softwares
  • Installation on the touch-screen HMI (in local mode) or on the supervision server (in remote mode)
  • Great flexibility and overall efficiency



Palletization pattern configuration software

Gebo supplies innovative software for the automatic configuration of the palletization pattern. This software can be installed to be operated from the HMI touch screen on the palletization island (local mode) or on the supervisor server (remote mode).



  • Completely independent palletization island management.
  • Direct integration into the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the palletizer.
  • Automatic connection with ERP system (in remote mode).
  • Creation of new formats by direct entry of the palletizing data (product dimensions, type of pallets, palletizing patterns, etc.) allowing future evolutions.
  • Automatic checking and optimization of each additional format by the software before 3D simulation before data and settings are injected into the machine parameters.

Main advantages

  • Very flexible and high overall efficiency.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Palletization island managed completely independently.
  • Automatic link to ERP system (in remote mode).

Main software operations:

  • Creation and management of a database with register, items and palletization patterns:
  • programming new patterns is accelerated by referring to previously used patterns.
  • Creating or modifying new palletization patterns are always simple operations.
  • Automatic checks on the suitability and stability of pallets for the chosen patterns: checking prevents possible errors and optimizes efficiency.
Software for pallet pattern management: PalDesigner®

Software for pallet pattern management: PalDesigner®

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Software for Pallet Pattern Management
Software for Pallet Pattern Management
Software for Pallet Pattern Management