Layer Preparation: Axosmart® & Robosmart®


  • Innovative solutions for moving and turning packs to form palletization layers
  • Highly flexible, entirely modular and automated systems
  • Can handle all types of secondary packaging
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  • Assets

    Gebo has designed Axo-Smart and Robo-Smart to meet the need for more eco-friendly packaging (lightweight bottles and less secondary packaging) that is also easier to handle (i.e. thanks to a growing variety of pack types, especially smaller packs).

    The system consists of:

    • A dosing conveyor that counts and separates crates
    • A transfer table made up of a mat of flat chains (for channeling and conveying the packs at the right speed)
    • One or more gripper heads, which transfer and turn the packs into the correct position
    • A layer forming table for positioning the packs according to the chosen palletization pattern.

    Thanks to their modular design, these systems can be perfectly adapted to various line speed requirements.



    • Ideal for handling more delicate packs/containers.
    • Optimal stability, even for smaller packs.
    • Very reliable and flexible: the machine can handle all kinds of secondary packaging (cartons, packs and crates) with extreme precision.
    • Modular system: the number of modules can be adapted to suit various line speeds.
    • High performance levels, further enhanced by the possibility of handling several types of packs in the same cycle.
    • Rapid format and palletization pattern changeovers managed completely by software (with no manual adjustments of mechanisms required). Ideal for frequent format changeovers.
    • Minimal need for maintenance, thanks to simple mechanical construction.
    • Low running costs because of integrated servomotors for pack movements.
    • Potentially unlimited number of palletization patterns can be created.
    • Easy-to-use operator interface with touch screen for programming and checking the status of system peripherals.

    The “positive turning” system

    A mat with flat chains guarantees pack stability at the infeed, since its surface is completely level.

  • Axosmart®

    This solution is designed with the gantry structure above the pack infeed.
    By moving along three Cartesian axes inside the gantry, one or several gripper has convey the packs according to the chosen sequence.



    • High performance levels.
    • Reduced footprint and easy access to both sides of the conveyor.
    • Gripper heads of various sizes/weights can be used.
    • Customers can use the software on their own to manage new palletization patterns and to modify parameters in existing patterns.

  • Robosmart®

    This solution is designed for moving packs with a FANUC robot.
    In addition to it's asset advantages already mentioned, this solution provides further benefits.



    This solution is designed for moving packs with a FANUC robot

    • Highly repeatable, precise movements.
    • Full access and extremely neat layout.
    • Straightforward machine and software management
    • Customers can use the software on their own to manage new palletization patterns and to modify parameters in existing patterns.
    • Low costs and less machine downtime for maintenance operations.

  • Software

    Palletization pattern configuration software

    Gebo supplies innovative software for the automatic configuration of the palletization pattern. This software can be installed to be operated from the HMI touch screen on the palletization island (local mode) or on the supervisor server (remote mode).


    Main advantages

    • Very flexible and high overall efficiency.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Palletization island managed completely independently.
    • Automatic link to ERP system (in remote mode).

    Main software operations:

    • Creation and management of a database with register, items and palletization patterns:
      programming new patterns is accelerated by referring to previously used patterns.
    • Creating or modifying new palletization patterns are always simple operations.
    • Automatic checks on the suitability and stability of pallets for the chosen patterns: checking prevents possible errors and optimizes efficiency.

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Layer preparation: AxoSmart® Robo Smart®

Layer preparation: AxoSmart® Robo Smart®

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