Much more than a cobot, an advanced INDUSTRIAL cobotic palletizing solution!

Collaborative robotics advance production line efficiency and reliability by improving working conditions while maintaining high safety standards. It allows operators to handle tasks with higher added value and minimises mistake rates as well due to high automation.



Gebo Cermex CoboAccess™_Pal is an industrial, advanced and modular cobotic palletizer, ideal when looking for a robust, easy to use and affordable palletizing solution for a low speed line. Embedding Gebo Cermex’s usual high safety and industrial standards, this ultra-compact fenceless cell is designed to perfectly match the needs of very demanding environments.



  • Industrial solution with a high level of safety
  • Advanced and user-friendly experience
  • Mobile and compact solution with Plug & Play features and multi-configuration cell layout



  • The benefits of Gebo Cermex CoboAccess_Pal

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  • Guaranteed level of safety

    Collaborative robotics advance production line efficiency and reliability by improving working conditions:

    • Minimises mistake rates due to high automation
    • Improving working conditions and allowing operators to handle tasks with higher added value
    • Leveraging the advantages offered by cobotic solutions in terms of compactness and flexibility



  • Reliability & robustness

    • Industrial automation platform based on the combination of a PC and a PLC for precise and better-controlled cobot trajectories
    • Accurate case picking and placement for greater pallet quality and stability as well as securing pallet transportation in the supply chain (critical when dealing with small cases)
    • Precise positioning of stations: cobot docking station to position or reposition the cell at its exact perfect location and pallet dock to always set the empty pallet at the correct position
    • Immediate machine restart, reducing downtime to the minimum in case of potential problems

  • User-friendly HMI

    • Tablet navigation based on a multi-touch panel PC (two-handed operation, swiping, zooming)
    • Machine One Point Lesson (OPL) helping to solve issues and potential breakdowns (pdf procedures or videos)
    • Runtime archives available from HMI: operator alerted in advance of potential actions to be taken during production time
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): maintenance support via advanced diagnostic displayed on the HMI

  • Greater flexibility with PalDesigner®

    • Full pallet management with the possibility to modify, simulate and create pallet patterns autonomously
    • Pattern creation in less than 2 minutes
    • Automatic pattern verification before launching into production
    • Patterns from CAPE can be imported directly into the pallet pattern database

  • Production scalability

    • Movable palletising cell for factories with reduced line utilisation, with a simple manual pallet jack and only one operator required
    • Easy-to-operate: quick to re-install and easy-to-configure by one operator in less than 10 min
    • Comprehensive Plug & Play approach with quick release connectors for power supply and compressed air
    • Universal gripping tooling and patented and compact interlayer magazine

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