Pallet Inspection System


  • Automatic control of the integrity of the all the wooden planks on both sides of the pallet
  • Output:180 pallets/h.
  • Flexibility to pallet sizes thanks to vertical or sidewards adjustable position of the rollers




  • Control by means of idle metallic feeler-pin rollers, installed on elastic elements
  • Feeler-pin rollers roll smoothly on each wooden plank of the pallets while it advances.
  • When it finds a broken plank, the brusque movement of the roller (and its elastic element) respect to its normal condition, is revealed by a photocell which sends a signal to action the automatic pallet ejection system.

Complete control system

  • Pallet brushing group removing dirt or other non-related parts from the pallet surface
  • Nail bending group, bending the nails that stick out of the planks of the pallet
  • Bending strength adjustable by means of a pneumatic cylinder