Gripping Depalletizer for Plastic Crates: Depal Kombi Gripping


  • Proven technology
  • Products flexibility
  • Many possible configurations (different types of infeed: single or double lane, high level) 
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  • Assets


    Versatile solution

    • Suitable for low/medium speed applications.
    • Suitable for both low level and high level palletization .
    • Automated palletizer suitable for crates.
    • Lay-out flexibility: In line / 90° outfeed configuration.
    • Suitable for half and full depth crates.
    • All pallet standards up to 1,250 mm.
    • Quick adjustment for frequent changeovers (patterns and pallet sizes).


    Improved ergonomics and safety

    • Simple supervision operations.
    • All operations and mains parts accessible at floor level.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly operator interface.
    • Compact machine and adaptable layout.
    • Sturdy and reliable technology.
    • Depalletization/Palletization isle available to optimize space and cycles.


    Optimized design & crates handling

    • Easy access on all sides and minimal floor space requirements. It can be easily fitted into existing lines.
    • Simple design and standard parts.

    Health and safety

    Safe operator intervention

    • Safety barriers and guards : The machine is equipped with safety barriers and mesh guards (2500mm) around all the moving parts in accordance with EC standards
    • Safety micro-switches: Micro-switches are installed on the access gates in order to stop the machine in case of any human intervention.


    Sustainable development

    • High efficiency drives, IE2, as standard.
    • Low noise level.

  • Operating

    Crates infeed

    • Dosing : The dosing belt divides and feeds the palletizer with crates according to predefined receipts. Crate infeed conveyors can be on single or double lane.
      Inverter control speed adjustment for different formats.
    • Divider : Crates arrive from single or double lane divider dispenses them into different lanes. Plastic plates are instaled on the rollers in order to correctly convey crates according to predefined patterns.
      Divider equipped with inverter control speed adjustment for different formats.
    • Rotation (inline version) : There are two types of rotation devices :
      • Upper type : used for the majority of crates.
      • Lower type: mostly used for half depth crates.

    Accurate layer positioning to reduce the handling cycle.

    • Rotation (ninety degrees version) :
      • Single or double unit can be installed
      • It may be located either just before the row formation conveyor or the accumulation conveyor. The latter case is mostly used in case of high speed requirements.
      • In case of plastic crates usually a rotation with a shock absorption systems is used to allow a smooth rotation adjusting the dumping load. 

    Layer preparation

    Layer preparation and pick-up table (in line version) :

    • Layer preparation area comprehensive of fixed lateral guides and a pneumatic retainer. The table could have either rolls or flap plastic chains depending on the crates to be handled.
    • Layer pick-up area equipped with pneumatically controlled lateral compacting guides and mechanical retainer. The table could have either stainless steel or flap plastic chains depending on the crates to be handled.

    Safe operator intervention due to pneumatic parachutes that prevent any risks of layer falling.

    Layer pushing device (ninety degrees version):

    • The pushing device is composed of motorized rake installed among the rollers which takes the incoming rows of crates and pushes them into layer preparation area.
    • The roller conveyors are motorized and push the row of crates against the adjustable lateral guide in order to keep them compacted.
    • The layer preparation area is composed of belt conveyors and two lateral guides. One of them is movable in order to compact the whole layer.

    Layer handling

    • Lifting : Central lifting composed by two columns and a servo-driven trolley. A counterweight system allows smooth handling of a layer. The layer is taken away from the pick-p table and released on the pallet.

    Safe operation due to pneumatic parachutes that prevent any risks of layer falling in case of power failure.

    • Gripping head (hook version): Hooks, pneumatically controlled, hang the whole layer of crates usually by the handles.
    • Gripping head (side pressure version):
      • Side pressure pick-up head holds the crates layer on the four sides during all the cycle.
        Product stability during transfer.
      • Each side pressure bar is composed by horizontal tubes with plastic pads and pneumatically controlled.
        Safe handling and improved adaptability to any crates dimensions and heights.
    • Crater conveyor
      • The empty pallet coming onto the central conveyor is stopped by a mechanical retainer pneumatically driven.
      • Two safety photocells detect presence and correct positioning of the pallet.
      • Double station is also available depending on the configuration.

    Empty pallets infeed

    • Two versions are available :
      • Motor driven forks
      • Pneumatic arms
    • In case of depalletizer/palletizer configuration, empty pallet is sent directly to the palletizer.
      The system is capable to handle different sizes of pallet and manage higher level of accumulation.

    Pallets outfeed

    • Full pallet leaves the palletizer area through roller or chain conveyors.
      Modularity of conveyors.
      Tailor made layout solutions.
      Different pallets materials and dimensions can be handled.

    Formats changeover

    Layer pattern change (semi-automatic ninety degrees and in line version)

    • Infeed conveyor guides adjustment, ninety degrees and in line version.
    • Divider guide and crates rotating device adjustment, in line version.
    • Layer pre-forming guide adjustment, ninety degrees and in line version.
    • Gripping head for different layers or pallet sizes.
    • Head compacting guides for different layers sizes.

  • Options

    • Automatic lubrication.
    • Mobile operator panel.
    • Empty pallets inspection system.
    • Different pallets size handling.
    • High level infeed.
    • Possibility to configure the Kombi Gripping duplex with twin pallets, 11 layers/1’ and 2 inlet/outlet working capability.

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