Columnar Depalletizer for Plastic Crates: Robo-column


  • Automated movements programmed to perform high-speed operations
  • Flexible thanks to the modularity/orientation of the units, wide working area and combined operations
  • Easy access on all sides and minimal floor space requirements, readily fitted into existing lines 
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  • Product Information

    Flexible solution

    • Suitable for any speed application.
    • Suitable for both low level and high level palletization.
    • All pallet standards up to 1 250 mm, including half pallets and quarter pallets.
    • Automatic changeovers without mechanical intervention.
    • Several gripping heads may be used :
      • Head with hooks or lateral guides for handling crates.
      • Multi-row head with plates made of steel or carbon fiber for packs or cartons.
      • Head with individual tulip-shaped grips for loose bottles in crates and/or.
      • Head with guides or lateral closing for empty PET bottles.
      • Roller head for complete layers suitable for any type of palletization pattern and product.
    • It could be coupled with positive pack handling solutions for layer preparation :
      • RoboSmart
      • AxoSmart® 
    Optimized design & pack handling
    • Easy access on all sides and minimal floor space requirements. It can be easily fitted into existing lines.
    • Simple motion technology: armored driving belts, no chains.
    • The column system always has the same structure regardless the function or the product to be handled : reduced component groups, very low maintenance.
    Sustainable development
    • High efficiency drives, based on brush less technology.
    • Low noise level.

  • Assets

    • Flexibility: the same structure can cover different functions.
    • Flexibility on the production, products and layout.
    • Robustness
    • Low maintenance.
    • Automatic head changeover.
    • Easily operating access.
    • Suitable to satisfy needs.
    • Line working capability: up to 5,8 layers/min. (single pallet version), up to 8 layers/min. (double pallet SP 1000 HS version)

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