• Blank magazine easy to access
  • Compact machine
  • Excellent quality / price / performance ratio
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Positive blank extraction.
    • Smooth transfer movement.
    • Progressive tray forming.
    • Simple adjustments to optimize changeover times.
    • Joining lugs pressed by mobile guides.
    • Forming die adapted to the specific tray size.


    • High speed.
    • Quick and easy format changeovers.
    • Servo-motors on extraction, transfer and forming.
    • Handling of low-sided trays, trays with lids (single wall, double wall or micro-flute).


    • All operations positively controlled.
    • Tray squaring guaranteed.
    • Speed: up to 38 trays/min.
    • Product and case size ranges available on request.
    • Option:
      • strong/thick cardboard
      • high-speed version (F295) for speed up to 50 trays/min

  • Operating

    Functional description

    • Positive extraction of blanks from a flat belt magazine, 1200mm long.
    • Positive guiding of the blank to the forming station by mechanical shuttle with speed control for application of regular glue strips.
    • Forming of the tray by the action of a vertical ram through a die calibrated and adjusted to the format.
    • Pressure applied to the tray simultaneously by lateral guides in the die.
    • Positive extraction of the tray from the die by an articulated lower arm.
    • Transfer and outfeed of the tray on a motorized conveyor.

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Tray erector

Tray erector

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Tray erector
Tray erector
Tray erector
Tray erector
Tray erector
Tray erector
Tray erector