• High speed ans multi-formats
  • Control by industrial PC
  • Tray packing of loose products or shrink-wrapped packs
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  • Product Information

    Quick and easy changeover

    • By changing the cassette (SDI model)
    • By adjusting the screws (CLP model)
    • By automatic tripping of the bracket chains


    • Remote maintenance (via the industrial PC)

    Product selection

    • CLP infeed to reach speed of 40 cycles/min
    • SDI infeed to reach speed of 70 cycles/min

    Tray packing

    • Tray sides from 25 to 125 mm
    • Guaranteed output: 96%

  • Operating

    Tray module

    • Corrugated cardboard blanks stocked on a flat motorized band magazine.
    • Extraction of blanks in an accumulation well by a motorized arm fitted with suction cups.
    • Positioning of the blank on a motorized bracket feeder.
    • Elevation of the blank towards the tray forming zone in perfect synchronization with the product infeed.
    • Continuous folding of the front and rear edges by means of brackets.
    • Folding of front flap by fixed guides and rear flap by moving guides.
    • Progressive folding of sides and application of glue strips.
    • Side pressure applied continuously.
    • Motorized elevatable system for handling formats with film only or corrugated pad.

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Continuous tray packers
Continuous tray packers
Continuous tray packers
Continuous tray packers
Continuous tray packers