• Handling of products that are difficult to accumulate, generally suitable for flexible products
  • Optimum product protection
  • High speed
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Various collation systems for controlling the infeed of products at random: vertical collators, horizontal collators, single axis, dual axis, with chains or belts, etc.
    • Pockets are specifically designed to accommodate and protect the products.
    • Indexing system to ensure that the pockets are accurately positioned at each phase.


    • Products are isolated to eliminate accumulation constraints
    • Sub-assembly adaptable to any case packing system (RSC or wrap around)
    • Mechanically reliable and robust solution
    • Easy adjustments and format changeovers


    • Servo driven solution
    • Very low noise level
    • Speed: up to 500 products per minute
    • Quick size changeovers

  • Operating

    Functional description

    • Product infeed on a motorized conveyor.
    • Selection and spacing of products obtained by a second motorized conveyor.
    • Continuous introduction of spaced-out products into the buckets of the single-axis collator advancing step by step.
    • Lateral extraction of the product row into a transfer shuttle by means of a pusher which is retracted in its return phase.
    • Tightening of the batch in the shuttle during transfer to the loading station.
    • Transfer of the complete batch directly into the packaging.

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Racetrack Collator

Racetrack Collator

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