• Patented breakthrough product collating system suitable for all types of conveyable products
  • Optimum product protection, whatever the product rigidity and thickness
  • High speed
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Module which can be independent or integrated into the product collating section of the case packer.
    • Sub-assembly able to function with all side or top loading systems for RSC, trays or wrap-around blanks.
    • In-line product infeed on a conveyor, without accumulation, guaranteeing optimum product protection.
    • Products spaced out by servo-driven lateral bands which can be adjusted to suit the product shape and resistance.
    • Beam+comb servo-driven on 2 axis to form rows with high repeatability and accuracy in product placing.
    • Selecting system that does away with product turning/spacing using scrolls.


    • Particularly compact footprint
    • Quick format changeover by easy and ergonomic dismantling of the comb and counter-comb designed to pre-collate the products and form the batch
    • Products stocked on a dead plate when machine stopped to prevent scuffing
    • System especially economically viable for 3 formats or more
    • Cost of adding a new format reduced by the low number of change parts
    • Reduction in change part storage space
    • Very low noise level


    • Speed: up to 250 products/min depending on the type of products and collations
    • Speed: up to 300 products/min by associating a phaser to pre-collate products

  • Operating

    Functional description

    • Infeed of products in accumulation on one lane on a motorized conveyor.
    • Selection of one or two products by a set of servo-driven side belts.
    • Transfer of pitched and spaced out products by a servo-driven comb on 2 axes:
      • One axis moving back up the product flow to fill the buckets of the comb.
      • One axis laterally positioning the row at the loading or gripping station (several rows can be positioned side by side).
    • Products held stable during the transfer phase by an upper retractable moving guide.

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Patented Product Collating Cystem : ProSelex®

Patented Product Collating Cystem : ProSelex®

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