• High Speed Collation and Positioning for all types of plastic bottles
  • Reliable concept
  • Optimised product protection with continuous-motion solution
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Products arriving in line on a conveyor are collated into batches of 2 or more, without stopping the products
    • Application particularly suited for connection with systems such as racetrack collator or belt collator
    • Option: Single-axis phaser (2 belts,2 bracket trains) depending on the speed and type of product


    • Solution adaptable to a range of gantry or robotic case packers (AN, ER, SD)
    • Flexible infeed designed to handle products with complex shapes (difficult to accumulate) and in different sizes: bottles with or without puck support
    • Collation system simplified by removing the need for a laning unit and accumulation, which is normally important when handling shaped plastic bottles
    • Optimum product protection by smooth movements
    • High speed continuous solution limiting product accumulation at the scroll infeed
    • Quick and simple adjustments and format changeovers requiring only one operator


    • Silent and easy accessible system
    • Servo-driven solution
    • Low maintenance thanks to simple mechanical design
    • Speed: up to 450 products per minute, depending on the nature and size of the products

  • Operating

    Functional description

    • Product infeed in accumulation on a motorized conveyor.
    • Continuous orientation and spacing out of the products obtained by two servo-driven lateral scrolls.
    • At the outfeed of the scrolls, transfer of the products onto a second servo-driven conveyor slaved with the product flow.
    • Positive transfer of the product batch to the gripping station carried out by a servo-driven shuttle equipped with lateral combs perfectly adapted to the shape of the product row.

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High Speed Bottle Infeed

High Speed Bottle Infeed