• All types of products
  • High speed continuous solution with no accumulation or jamming
  • Optimum product protection 
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  • Product Information

    Technical characteristics

    • Products arriving in line on a conveyor are collated into batches of 2 or more, without stopping the products.
    • Application particularly suited for connection with systems such as racetrack collator or belt collator.
    • Sub-assembly can be adapted to all loading systems handling RSC or wrap around blanks.
    • Option: Single-axis phaser (one belt, one bracket train) or a dual-axis phaser (2 belts, 2 bracket trains) depending on the speed and type of product.
    • Module can be either independent or integrated into the product collating part of the case packer.


    • All types of products, in particular products which are flexible and difficult to accumulate
    • Mechanically reliable and robust solution
    • Easily accessible
    • Compact layout compared to traditional pre-collation systems


    • Increased life span for collating systems within the machine
    • Reduced noise level
    • Servo-driven
    • Speed: up to 1100 products per minute

  • Operating

    Functional description

    • Transfer of products on a motorized conveyor
    • Detection of product presence
    • Collation of 2 products side by side by means of brackets assembled on 2 servo-driven belts
    • The bracket slows down the first product until the second product catches up with the first, before releasing the batch of two products in step
    • Equipment controlled directly by the machine downstream

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Electronic Phaser

Electronic Phaser