• Automatic film reel changeover by Dual Injection System
  • Film only/tray/pad/U-board/honeycombed packs/stacked packs
  • Low energy shrink tunnel: multi-channel and gaz option
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  • Product Information


    • Multiple secondary packaging handled.
    • Automatic film reel changeover without production downtime.
    • Wide scope in film thickness handled: 20 to 80 microns (0.8 to 3.2 mils).
    • Energy efficient shrink tunnel, multi-channel and gaz optionPrint registered or neutral
    • Print registered or neutral

    Technical characteristics

    • Seamless shrink-wrapping technology.
    • Modular design.
    • Automatic film reel changeover by a patented injection system, with independent dual heads : DIS - Dual Injection System: film, pad, tray.
    • Film fed in by direct injection (<60 cycles/minute) or vacuum table (>60 cycles/min)
    • Table and dancing roller easily extractible
    • Supported by expandable mandrel
    • Film guided under the batch and cut on the fly.
    • Anti-static generator and bars to neutralize electric charges and guarantee optimal protection.
    • Leaflet and brochure insertion devices, system to position products on a corrugated support prior to filming (tray, pad or U-board).


    • High speed up to 120 cycles/min.
    • Wide scope in film thickness handled: 20 to 80 microns (factory settings requiring no future adjustments whatever the film thickness).
    • Shrink tunnel optimized by improved air circulation and insulation generating a 30% saving in power consumption.
    • Control architecture and ergonomic touch-sensitive Human Machine Interface.
    • From film, pad and tray including honeycombed packs and stacked packs
    • Automated changeovers

    Maintenance: key added value of VersaFilm®

    • Advantages linked to modular design
    • Lower maintenance costs thanks to the reduction in parts
    • Easy spare part stock management
    • Easy dismantling of all the machine organs (for quick adjustments by the operator)
    • Advantages linked to the addition of numerous servo-drives
    • No transmission chains (simplified maintenance)
    • Does away with lubricating operations at the same time
    • Collating and lapping bars fitted with new-generation maintenance-free chains

  • Features

    Shrink film

    • Print registered or neutral
    • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE).Recycled or biodegradable.
    • Thickness: from 20 to 80 microns (0.8 to 3.2 mils).
    • High resistance to variations in humidity.
    • Tamper evident.
    • Transit packaging or SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging).
    • Easy transportation and storage.


    Primary packaging

    Secondary packaging


    Product collation system

    • Regulated Flow Selection (SFR)
    • Diagonal Infeed (CCO) Patented System
    • Pin-gating Selection (SDI)
    • Pneumatic Selection Channels (CLP)

    Film handling and lapping

    • Extractible Compact Table : Increased efficiency, easy maintenance and reduction in costs
    • Dual Injection System DIS Patented system
    • Lapping
    • Easy-Open Pack : Film perforation system to tear the pack open more easily

    Shrink tunnel

    • Multi-channel tunnel: guarantee of optimized shrink-wrapping quality including for small multi-packs
    • Energy saving : Optimization of air circulation and improvement in insulation inside the tunnel contributing to a significant reduction in energy consumption and costs. Modular unit with 2 to 5 turbines, depending on the required speed (up to 120 cycles/min)
    • Safety and Ergonomics : Housing with reinforced external insulation for greater security during operation and maintenance. Easy access to adjusting air circulation inside the tunnel via installation of digital counters (motorized adjustments on the multi-channel tunnel). Secure positioning of the electrical cabinet under the tunnel outfeed
    • Gas-fired tunnel option contributing to reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

  • Additional Equipment

    Simple integration of additional equipment thanks to the modular design of the VersaFilm® range.


    Modules for corrugated supports (P and T)

    • Independent industrialized module for loading products onto corrugated trays (T), U-board and Pad (P) prior to shrink-wrapping
    • Reliable extraction by motorized arm fitted with 2 suction cups
    • Extended magazine for increased autonomy: up to 90 cycles/min
    • Option: corrugated blank magazine positioned 15° off course from the infeed conveyors combining accessibility and easy layout

    Film only, corrugated tray or pad on the same machine

    • Total flexibility according to your distribution network requirements: no support (film only), pad + film, tray + film.Positive transfer of
    • products and pads by using an exclusive bypass belt system, more secure that the traditional system of dead plate between bracket chains.
    • Quick and easy changeovers by motorizing the conveying belt. Tool-free changeover by one operator in 15 minutes maximum.

    Product and tray stacker

    The versatility of the application gives rise to a wide range of packaging solutions offering both reductions in packaging costs and additional concepts in terms of stocking and transportation.


    Integration of additional functions

    • Ink jet coding
    • Labeling
    • Brochure insertion
    • Leaflet insertion
    • Handle insertion
    • Pack dividing

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Seamless shrink-wrapping range

Seamless shrink-wrapping range

Watch video here
Seamless shrink-wrapping range

Seamless shrink-wrapping range

Watch video here
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range
Seamless shrink-wrapping range