Regulated Flow Selection System: SFR


  • High speed, multi formats versatility and quick format changeovers
  • Easy adjustment of lanes and selecting fingers thanks to servo-drive
  • Continuous batch selection
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  • Product Information


    • Continuous batch selection.
    • Servo-driven adjustments to product length and width (no change parts).
    • Quick format changeovers (formats managed via machine control panel).

    Technical characteristics

    • Infeed of products in lanes on a motorized conveyor.
    • Infeed of products in accumulation already distributed into lanes.
    • Continuous product selection by two sets of servo-driven fingers rising between the lower timing belts to retain and release product batches.
    • Flight bar system for collation and distribution into 1, 2 or 3 lanes.


    • Speed: 10-100 cycles/min.

  • Assets


    • Handling of a wide range of products with varying diameters: from 55 to 124 mm (2.16 to 4.88 inches) or 0.25 L to 3 L (0.06 to 0.79 US gallons).
    • A single cassette required to handle all the formats.
    • Products collated by speed variation between the selecting module and the downstream conveyor.Fully adjustable
    • system for handling various product sizes requiring no change parts.
    • Servo-driven (format changeover in less than a minute).


    • The pins regulate the product propulsion and guarantee their alignment.
    • Optimization of product stability.
    • Accurate adjustment thanks to the servo-driven control system.
    • Belt with nose bar (at selecting system outfeed) for an almost uninterrupted link between 2 conveyors.
    • Use of timing belts.


    • Quick, easy and constant format changeovers (formats managed via machine control panel).
    • Flexible solution which facilitates the addition of future formats throughout the machine’s life cycle.
    • Option: automatic lane adjustment by adding motors.

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Regulated Flow Selection System SFR

Regulated Flow Selection System SFR

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Regulated Flow Selection System SFR