• Optimum drying efficiency thanks to precise settings
  • Easy adjustment for format changeovers
  • Optimized energy consumption - Reduced noise level
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  • Product Information

    Optimum drying efficiency

    How can a few drops of water impair labeling, coding, or metal integrity?

    Gebo OptiDry® offers an optimum drying efficiency of over 99% thanks to a drying as closely as possible to your containers.

    • Unique nozzle design by Gebo for the best air flow control
    • Precise adjustment of plenum position and air flow to container shape
    • Automatic variation of air flow according to conveying speeds
    • Integration of dryer regulation into line flow and downward machine infeed regulation
    • Customized equipment settings

    Fast and repeatable changeovers

    • Plenum adjustment through graduated indicators
    • Easy manual or automatic nozzle positioning
    • Manual or automatic conveyor side guide adjustment

    Minimized energy consumption

    • Optimized air flow thanks to the use of nozzles positioned as closely as possible to containers
    • Precise air flow adjustment to container type and shape
    • Real-time air flow regulation according to conveyor speed

    Reduced noise level <80 db(a)

    • Acoustic tunnels at dryer infeed and discharge
    • Sound insulating stainless steel doors
    • Fan casing equipped with noise-absorbing material

    Sturdy and hygienic design

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Fully washable upper drying zone
    • No water retention points, water draining to one single point


  • Applications

    • Markets: beverage, dairy products, food, home care, personal care
    • Containers: PET, glass or metal, round and shaped
    • Drying types: body and neck for labeling, neck for coding and control, metal cans for coding and rust prevention

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