Counterbalanced AGV: GF


  • Transfer of loads of very varied sizes
  • Multiple loads capacity
  • Flexible and customizable





The GF is offering great flexibility in the type of loads to carry.

Indeed, its counterbalance allows it to adapt the tool to carry a wide range of loads which differ in dimensions, mass, or stability. Many options can be chosen: sideshift carriage, fork positioner, pressure, forks dimensions etc.


Thus, this type of AGV is able to handle any kind of mission in broad aisle, from the delivery line until the storage one and for shipments preparation.


The GF type of AGV can be used for example for:


  • Pallet supplying and unloading on/from ends of production lines,
  • Marshalling,
  • Transfers from/to various units,
  • Floor stacking or storage in racks.

AGVs will be manufactured by BA Systèmes and carry Gebo Cermex’s brand identity


Counterbalanced AGV: GF (1:21)

Counterbalanced AGV: GF (1:21)