• The same robot can cover different functions
  • Flexibility on the production, products and layout
  • Low maintenance & Quick and automatic changeover
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  • Operating

    Crate infeed


    Crate conveyors and centering device.

    • Crate conveyors can be single or double lane.
    • A mobile centering device aligns the crates so that they are in a correct position, thus allowing an accurate bottles pick-up.
    • It consists of a folded metal frame with vertical movement.

    Bottle removal


    Removing system

    • A four axes anthropomorphic robot having a payload of 450/700 Kg at wrist.

    Gripping heads

    • Bottle handling system by means of individual, pneumatically operated grippers, grouped on gripping heads adapted for different sizes of crates to be handled.
    • The number of gripping heads depends on the output required.
    • The gripping heads, that could be fixed or mobile, are anchored on a stainless steel frame.

    Pneumatic grippers

    • Pneumatic grippers hold the bottles by the neck.
    • The bottle neck's picking system could be either by membrane or plastic sectors and tailor made solutions might be available for different bottle neck shapes.

    Bottle outfeed

    • Bottle discharging table with self-supporting structure in AISI 304 and stainless steel chains with 85 mm pitch.
    • The system includes :
      • Photocell that detects the maximum bottle accumulation
      • Photocell that detects unreleased bottles
      • Side guides for a smooth bottles discharging

    Format changeover


    Format changeover for bottles and crates

    • In case of different bottle/crate sizes, different set of gripping heads can be housed on a dedicated magazine (available as option).
    • The robotic head moves on top of the dedicated magazine releasing the current set of gripping heads and bottle guides, picking-up the new one.
    • Semi-automatic changeover on crates conveyors.

  • Advantages

    • Sturdy stainless steel structure and gentle product handling.
    • Improved flexibility due to the high level of automation.
    • Different layout configurations are available.
    • Easy maintenance operation.
    • Flexible system for different bottle necks.
    • Very gentle and accurate bottles discharging operations.
    • Fully automatic gripping heads and centering device changeover (available as option).
    • Optimized maintenance operations on the standing-by gripping heads (off-line) without having impact on the production.

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Robotic decrater

Robotic decrater

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Robotic decrater
Robotic decrater
Robotic decrater
Robotic decrater
Robotic decrater