• Designed for retournable glass bottle filling lines
  • Rapid format changeover
  • High speed 
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  • Product Information

    The movements of this automated machine are programmed to perform high-speed decrating. Suitable for various applications, the machine is very flexible thanks to the modularity/orientation of the units, wide working area and combined operations. Easy access and minimal floor space requirements mean it can be readily fitted into existing lines.


    Main features

    • Bottle handling system by means of individual, pneumatically operated grippers, grouped on gripping heads adapted for the various sizes of crates to be handled.
    • The beam supporting the gripping heads can move on three axes; two are used for decrating operations, while the third is used for automatic format changeovers.
    • Movements controlled by self-braking brushless motors.
    • Fully automatic operation, controlled by PLC Siemens S7.

    The standard machine is supplied complete with:

    • Vertical column in welded steel, supporting the beam with the heads, and moving it on two axes
    • Sturdy horizontal beam in welded steel carrying the gripping heads.
    • Bottle charge/discharge conveyor table with self-supporting structure in AISI 304 stainless steel and stainless steel chains with 85 mm pitch.
    • Crate conveyor with AISI 304 stainless steel structure and stainless steel chain and case synchronization system.
    • System for adjusting machine speed according to bottle presence on conveyor.

    Electric system on the machine, complete with:

    • Main electric panel in painted steel, to be positioned at max 3 m from the machine, complete with PLC Siemens and power elements.
    • Touch screen operator panel, with faults display, also enabling, when required, manual mode control of the individual functions in the operating cycle.
    • Complete electric wiring with galvanized steel cable trays.
    • Complete pneumatic system with filter and pressure reducer.
    • Lubrication of the main units at centralized points.
    • Epoxy paint, with one coat of primer after sandblasting.
    • Safety guards around the machine.
    • Single set of parts (handling one size and type of bottle in one size and type of plastic crate) includes:
      • set of gripping heads with pneumatic grippers;
      • set of pneumatically operated mobile crate centering devices.

  • Operating

    Double decrater for bottles and cluster pack application

    • The movement of the beam carrying the heads is alternated. The bottles are gripped by individual, pneumatically-operated grippers.
    • During normal production, operation is fully automatic.
    • The movements are driven by electromechanical drive units electronically controlled by PLC.
    • When required, the individual movements can be controlled and operated independently by selecting “manual” mode on the operator panel. When several formats of bottles/crates are to be handled, the machine can be equipped with a rack to house the various sets of gripping heads.

    Automatic changeover

    • The fact the beam carrying the gripping heads can move along a third axis means automated, rapid changeovers can be made.
    • By selecting the automatic changeover mode on the operator panel, the beam carrying the heads automatically deposits the set of heads in the rack at a pre-defined position and picks up the set of heads required for the next run.
    • Changeover times are thus greatly reduced.

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Columnar decrater

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