Revealing the "smart machine" at Interpack

Interpack 2017 (4-10 May) will see Gebo Cermex introduce its latest advanced performance systems and innovative packaging line solutions.

The company is demonstrating its portfolio for the beverage and food, home and personal care (FHPC) customers based on its Agility 4.0™ program, with ‘Smart’ equipment very much the focus.


Marc Aury, President & Managing Director of Gebo Cermex, explains: “As a key player in the Factory of the Future movement with our Agility 4.0™ program, at Interpack this year we are excited to give visitors a preview of our vision of the 'Smart Machine', with a comprehensive robotic/cobotic case packing solution embedding advanced and connected systems.” A ‘Smart Machine’ is so much more than a piece of machinery. Featuring the latest motion technology, robotics and cobotics, auto adjustment and auto feeding, as well as being a connected machine, it establishes itself as a forward looking comprehensive solution.


The ‘smart packing machine’ on the Gebo Cermex booth will feature four main innovative modules.

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  • Careselect - New shaped bottle infeed system to preserve product integrity

    A global launch at Interpack 2017, CareSelect™ is Gebo Cermex’s patented universal and modular shaped-bottle infeed and collating system for robotic or traditional case packers. Utilizing Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK® technology and capable of achieving speeds of up to 400 products per minute, the CareSelect system easily surpasses traditional ‘endless screw’ collation systems in terms of bottle integrity and protection.


    It smoothly delivers individually shaped bottles to the packing machine with precision and care. ‘Friction time’ between the bottle and the system is dramatically reduced (by at least 20 times) compared to an endless screw infeed system. In response to the demand of customers for flexibility and reduced downtime when managing production of different batches, fully automatic changeovers are achieved in less than one minute, with no need for mechanical adjustments, tools, change part or manual intervention.

  • Fenceless cobotic flexiload for automatic magazine loading

    FlexiLoad® is the reliable, compact robotic solution for magazine loading, suitable for any case packing system regardless of type and speed. This eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual corrugated board magazine feeding and, importantly, the potential for operators’ musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The latest version to be exhibited at the booth enables a completely fenceless unit (allowing easy circulation around the magazine loading equipment) as it embeds the world’s strongest collaborative robot, the Fanuc CR35 with a 35 kg payload.


    This represents a further testament to the leading role played by Gebo Cermex with the implementation of cobots in packaging applications, helping make previous manual ancillary tasks fully automatic while enabling complete interactive human/machine relationships.

  • WB46 wrap-around packing technology

    With a large installed base worldwide, the WB46 offers excellent performance in terms of flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics due mainly to a new automation platform, thermoplastic polyurethane timing belts and quick-release systems for format changeovers.


    Exclusively for Interpack, Gebo Cermex will be revealing a new on-the-fly robotic product loading station, which reduces the overall footprint of the machine. It features the company’s brand-new, user-friendly HMI based on an intuitive, tablet-approach navigation and offering rich media tools for preventive maintenance procedures. On the booth, visitors will also have a hands-on experience of a format changeover on the WB46, via virtual reality, demonstrating a new approach to operators’ training.

  • State-of-the-art digital connectivity and simulation

    Also available as part of the smart packing solution is Gebo Cermex’s Equipment Smart Monitoring (ESM) system which connects to the machine in order to read, transmit and organize performance data into a coherent dashboard. This system helps customers maximize the efficiency of component machines within their packaging lines (OEE) by generating a number of key indicators. Based on these, engineers at Gebo Cermex are able to come up with recommendations tailored to clients’ exact requirements, to maintain and improve the efficiency of their installed base.


    Marc Aury concludes: “With Agility 4.0™ Gebo Cermex is proposing a unique integration business model, offering enhanced performance, cost-effectiveness, high productivity and greater agility for today and tomorrow. This programme brings Smart Factories to life in order to create a world of greater choice and unique consumer experience driven by packaging mass customization and product diversity. At Interpack, visitors to our booth will see an end-to-end approach on an intelligent, efficient, integrated packing solution, giving its full potential at all levels.”

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