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New high-speed complete line

secures Cambrew’s leadership position

Cambrew, Cambodia’s biggest brewery and producer of the iconic Angkor Beer, has invested in a comprehensive can complete-line solution for their large production plant in Sihanoukville. This turnkey solution from Gebo Cermex now ensures that 120,000 cans of beer roll off the line each hour, every hour.



All of Cambrew’s beers are brewed by international brew masters using the finest ingredients. They use a strict quality control system to ensure consistently high standards of quality. This attention to production detail and quality has been internationally recognised over the past years. In 2009, the fresh crisp taste of Angkor received the Gold Quality Award. In 2011, Angkor Extra Stout became the only Cambodian beer to ever have received a Grand Quality Gold Award, the highest possible honour from the prestigious Monde Selection of Belgium.



This popular national beer is named after the iconic Khmer Angkor temples near Siem Reap. In the area, there are over one thousand temples ranging from piles of brick rubble scattered on the ground to the impressive Angkor Wat, allegedly the world’s largest single religious monument. Angkor beer features this temple on its label and reinforces Cambodian national pride with its official motto, “My Country, My Beer”.



Growing consumer demand meant that Cambrew had to increase their production capacity for their popular beer. Engineers from Gebo Cermex worked extensively with the customer’s team to design and deliver a turnkey solution that could meet their exact needs and uncompromising standards of quality. The new can complete line incorporates a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions from Gebo Cermex, including a can depalletiser, conveyors, accumulation tables, a filler and seamer, a pasteurizer, case conveyors and case erecting, packing and sealing units. Cambrew’s choice of technology and partner was more than rewarded by the impressive results they quickly achieved. Alongside the plant’s previous can lines – still running on site at 72,000 cans per hour – this new highspeed line turns out 120,000 cans an hour. Not only does this support market growth but it gives Cambrew the facilities to keep developing for years to come. Cambrew’s Angkor brewery in Sihanoukville is one of the most advanced facilities in South East Asia. Now its brewing equipment is matched by the very best in canning and packing technology. 



Cambrew is the largest brewery in Cambodia. In addition to producing what is often acknowledged as Cambodia’s national beer, Angkor Beer, it also produces other popular brands, such as Klang, Black Panther and Angkor Extra Stout. Over the years, the Cambrew business has steadily expanded, with a bottling and distribution agreement with PepsiCo followed by a strategic partnership with global beer giant Carlsberg in 2006. Thanks to an uncompromising approach to quality, and significant investments at its Sihanoukville plant, Cambrew is the standout leader in the local, can-dominated beer market. This attractive segment continues to grow at a steady pace year on year.


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