Factory of the Future

Remote access, Live Video and Augmented Reality, the new winning type of assistance

The Industry 4.0 movement isn’t just about better, faster and more flexible packaging lines – crucially, it also involves solving problems if and when they arise. At Gebo Cermex we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the problem-solving process. And given our focus of the “smart factories” philosophy, it was only logical that we should also implement smart problem-solving solutions.


In 2016 we are launching a palette of new 4.0 tools which are innovative, intuitive and fully integrated with our existing industrial and design processes. One of these tools is our live remote video technical support service, which takes assistance up to the Factory of the Future level thanks to the exclusive addition of Augmented Reality technology.

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  • Solving issues with the help of augmented reality

    Speed, reliability and, above all, expertise are the cornerstones of technical support. Our clients clearly need all three ingredients, preferably with the very latest in technology. Our service offering includes a major component that brings us to the forefront of the latest Assistance 4.0 movement: our Live Remote Video Assistance service.


    Sébastien Brun, Remote Service Technology Manager at Gebo Cermex, explains:


    “These days, packaging line installations are increasingly sophisticated and sensitive. Retaining a highly-skilled in-house maintenance team is becoming an expensive luxury while waiting for an on-site visit of a Gebo Cermex technician is not always possible. And yet, rapid and reliable recovery in the event of a breakdown is essential to maintaining productivity and profitability.


    In addition to our standard remote assistance service, we have now the answer: Remote Video Assistance is a service which uses not only video and audio, but also Augmented Reality technology. Video and audio allow our expert to discuss and understand the problem as if he were there.


    And thanks to augmented reality he can explain how to solve the issue: the on-site operator will see the expert’s hands and tools and thereby understand precisely what to do, as well as hearing what he has to say.”


  • As if the expert was actually there

    The advantages of Remote Video Assistance:

    • Reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for quicker production restarts
    • Service with a user-friendly interface:
      • The fieldworker wears a headset with a camera and smart glasses with screens, while the expert sees the video from the fieldworker’s camera.
      • Thanks to the augmented reality point pad, the expert can use his hands to show what’s to be done.
      • With the smart glasses, the fieldworker sees the same thing as the expert.

    All these advantages come with a high level of data security: secured with Standard Operating Procedure and security policies.


  • The concept on video


  • An array of complementary 360° solutions

    Gebo Cermex thus continues to feature prominently in the Industry 4.0 revolution, First in Line when it comes to comprehensive, 360° solutions which boost productivity while driving down OPEX and total cost of ownership.


    This new service joins the recently-launched EIT AQ-Clock and EIT Audio modules, state-of-the art technologies united by the Smart Factory philosophy. It is also the final step in a logical sequence that includes our other latest innovations, 3D Scan service, Virtual Reality Simulation, and Energy Simulation tool.


    The Factory of the Future is the next chapter in our long history of innovation, as we continue to innovate in engineering, integration, services and performance optimization. And 2016 will see further Industry 4.0 services and solutions from Gebo Cermex!


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