VersaFilm Access, seamless shrink-wrapping for low to medium speeds

Regularly expanded to incorporate our latest developments, the VersaFilm® range offers our customers numerous advantages.

Regularly expanded to incorporate our latest developments, the VersaFilm® range offers our customers numerous advantages. With a modular design concept allowing for a broad array of configurations and options, VersaFilm® can offer high performances for demanding markets.


Preserving the essential DNA and assets of the VersaFilm® family, VersaFilm® Access is a new solution especially designed for low-to-medium speeds. A ‘Design to Cost’ approach has been applied to deliver the best quality/price/performance ratio available on the market for shrink-wrapping at speeds up to 60 cycles per minute. All this with a more optimized footprint than the classic VersaFilm® platform. 

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  • A specific solution for the requirements of the low-to-medium speed segment

    Overwrapping Product Manager Valérie Cattenoz explains more: “The VersaFilm® range is best known for its high-speed capacities and modular design, allowing for customization based on clients’ precise configuration requirements. The VersaFilm® Access is a robust, easy-to-use machine created especially for production speeds of up to 60 cycles/minute, offering unbeatable value for money in this segment.”


    Cermex has applied a “Design to Cost” approach to its seamless shrink-wrapping VersaFilm® platform, retaining its high performance criteria while creating a simplified version.


  • Best quality/price/performance stats in its segment

    With 15 machines already up and running in field tests since late 2015, VersaFilm Access satisfies 100% of functional requirements:

    • Adjustable Pin Gating system (SDR) for quick and easy format changeovers,
    • Film infeed via extractable injection table, for precise control over the film supply (Print registered or neutral films),Optimized air circulation and improved insulation of the shrink tunnel allow
    • for a substantial reduction in energy consumption,
    • Electric cabinet located next to the shrink tunnel for maximum accessibility
    • 15’’ HMI touch screen, an ergonomic and intuitive system integrated into the electric cabinet

    Customizable options for a solution precisely tailored to your needs:

    • Shrink tunnel: 2 or 3 heating modules depending on the speed
    • Width of the machine frame: 680mm or 880mm depending on product grouping and footprint
    • Shrink-wrapping options available:
      • Film only
      • Cardboard pad + film
      • Cardboard tray + film
      • Infeed: inline or conical

    Advanced options for special configurations:

    • Automatic film reel changeover to minimize stoppage times.
    • Extra mandrel to hold a second reel, optimizing film changeovers
    • Neutralization of electrical charge using an anti-static generator and bars
    • User recognition with RFID technology
    • Nested pack configuration available to optimize the cost of transporting finished products on pallets

  • A system with all the benefits of the Versafilm® range:

    • Design and finish which meet the usual high Cermex standards
    • Compatible with a broad range of films: 27 to 100 microns (factory settings requiring no subsequent on-site adjustments regardless of the film thickness)
    • Rapid delivery lead times: 8 to 10 weeks
    • The latest in servo-motor, automation and human-machine interface technology, ensuring maximum ease of use for operators and maintenance personnel
    • Modular automation architecture allowing for future system updates and addition of new plug and playcomponents
    • Automatic system diagnosis using the HMI interface, combined with remote access via our ‘Diagnostic Manager’ service, allowing us to identify the causes of incidents in real time and intervene quickly and efficiently
    • Program updates via external memory card
    • 3D operator and maintenance manual, making it easy to find and identify parts.

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