Industry 4.0 driven by simulation

At Gebo Cermex we are constantly looking for new ways to make packaging line operations better, faster and more efficient.

This commitment to innovation has made us a key player in the Factory of the Future movement, the current challenge to create Smart Factories where computerized systems can be used to design, simulate, monitor and safeguard physical processes, creating a virtual map of the physical world and optimizing decision-making.


We remain at the forefront of this new industrial revolution, and in 2016 we are launching a palette of new 4.0 Simulation tools which are innovative and fully integrated with our existing industrial and design processes: 3D Scan, the most accurate field survey of an existing environment to perfectly secure supply fits; Energy Simulation to assess or forecast consumption and emissions; and Virtual Reality Simulation to visualise new installations with immersive 360° models. These three “virtual” tools are ideal for upstream decision-making.

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  • The indispensable value of simulation

    There is currently a strong need among clients for firms like us to reaffirm our values: a commitment to using the latest technology to create value for our clients. Gebo Cermex is more than just a manufacturer – our goal is to provide comprehensive, 360° solutions which boost productivity while driving down operational expenditure (OPEX) and total cost of ownership. As our industry continues to evolve and accelerate, clients demand ever-greater support, responsiveness and precision from our tools and services.


    As Jean-Claude Waeldin, our Advanced Production System Manager, points out: “Simulation is one of the keys to cost control. Our clients require the ability to both visualise and forecast, so that they make all the right decisions and thus keep their OPEX to an absolute minimum. Industry 4.0 and our simulation solutions have been devised to meet that need.”


    Industry 4.0 is the next chapter in our long history of innovation, exceeding expectations at every stage of the value chain. 2016 is already shaping up to be a great year for Gebo Cermex, and we are proud to get the ball rolling with a portfolio of simulation solutions.


  • Pinpoint accuracy in a fraction of the time with 3D scan

    3D Scan is a new service, using the latest 3D scanning equipment to produce a digital model of the production environment. The scanner takes precise digital measurements of the client’s facilities, generating a cloud of points which are then converted into a three-dimensional drawing, and can also be enriched with photographs. The whole process takes a fraction of the time usually required to produce a schematic diagram, and all with an unprecedented accuracy of measurement. Precise 3D models are essential when it comes to designing and optimising production environments within a brown field project, for example to check the feasibility of an installation when a machine is replaced, all the while anticipating “collisions” with the existing environment.


    Check out this short video to see the process in action. 


    Scan 3D



  • Greater sustainability and energy savings through precise simulation

    Our new energy consumption simulation tool can be used both to audit existing installations and to design new ones. Precise simulation allows customers to test a huge number of possible configurations, validate design variants, and optimize energy-saving proposals, thereby optimizing operational expenditure and efficiency. It is also a precious source of key findings during the design phase. With an ever-stronger focus on sustainability and energy consumption, which have now become two key buying factors, our customers take a very close look at energy reduction and carbon footprint when they make purchasing decisions. Used in conjunction with our Eco Audit service, the simulator can help to drastically improve the environmental performance of our clients’ set-up.


  • Better decision-making thanks to virtual reality simulation

    In engineering phases or integration projects, the Virtual Reality simulator takes our 3D modelling capacities to the next level, offering an amazing 360° immersion, producing lifelike simulations of potential production set-ups and providing all of the information required to acquire proof of principle and assist clients in their GO or NO GO decision-making. This new capability allows you to test and fine-tune critical options during the pre-project design phase: ensuring that all areas of the factory are accessible for cleaning and maintenance, simulating the view from the operator’s control area, providing advance training for operational staff months ahead of installation and start-up, and more.


    What’s the best way to get an idea of how your future production set-up will look? With your own eyes! Take a stroll through a returnable glass bottle line and see for yourself…


    Virtual Reality



  • Complementary innovations for the factory of the future

    With this flurry of innovations, we continue to feature prominently in the Industry 4.0 revolution, First in Line when it comes to comprehensive, 360° solutions which boost productivity while driving down OPEX and total cost of ownership. These new tools and services join the recently-launched EIT AQ-Clock and EIT Audio modules, state-of-the art technologies united by the Smart Factory philosophy, as well as our Live Remote Video Assistance. The Factory of the Future is the next chapter in our long history of innovation, as we continue to innovate in engineering, integration, services and performance optimization. And 2016 will see further Industry 4.0 services and solutions from Gebo Cermex!


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