Equipment Smart Monitoring (ESM), a new service helping you to boost the machine performance

In today’s complex industrial world, does anybody truly know the exact efficiency of every machine in their packaging line setup?

That’s precisely the challenge that Gebo Cermex set out to overcome with the new ESM (Equipment Smart Monitoring) service. A counterpart to its exclusive EITTM solution, dedicated to optimizing overall line productivity, ESM is a performance analysis service which operates at individual machine level.


Clinically precise knowledge of production data is an essential requirement when it comes to optimizing machine performance. ESM connects to the machine in order to read, transmit and organize performance data into a coherent dashboard. These key performance indicators are then analyzed by the experts at Gebo Cermex, allowing them to make recommendations for improving performance at all levels.

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  • A brand new service

    ESM is a new service offered by Gebo Cermex to help clients maximize the machine efficiency of their packaging lines (Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE). Collecting a continuous stream of data via a connected measuring device, the ESM service is based on remote analysis of the productive performance of machines in situ, i.e. in the packaging line environment. The service includes detailed analytical reports at intervals agreed upon with the client (generally each month), and a list of recommendations for boosting performance.


    Remote Service Technology manager Sébastien Brun explains more: “ESM is our answer to two major demands from our key markets. On the one hand, the need to gather, analyze and manipulate production data with a very high level of precision is an essential requirement for the “Factory of the Future”. On the other hand, there is also strong demand for much more precise information on energy consumption, in order to measure and pilot environmental performance. The goal is to find improvement solutions which help clients to meet the sustainable development targets for their production facilities, and for their company as a whole.”


    The ESM service can be broken down into four key phases:

    • Automatic data collection and processing via secure network protocols which guarantee the confidentiality of all sensitive information,
    • Creation of an operational dashboard, applying the principles of visual management,
    • Analysis of this data, including benchmarking against best practices and performances in the sector for comparable machines,
    • Presentation of an improvement strategy by Gebo Cermex’s optimization experts.

  • A fertile source of solutions for boosting machine efficiency

    ESM gathers and analyses machine data to generate a number of key indicators:

    • Energy and fluid consumption (water, electricity, steam, air), allowing us to calculate and pilot the machine’s carbon footprint and operating costs,
    • Productivity, keeping track of performance,
    • Malfunctions, getting to the root of stoppages with a list of the top five causes –straight to the point,
    • Format changeovers, boosting operator performance,
    • Quality, for example efforts to reduce the reject rate or ensure that pasteurization processes are applied correctly (calculating PU - Pasteurizing Units),
    • Actual operating performance (mean time between failures, MTBF; mean time to repair, MTTR), allowing you to optimize the effectiveness of each machine.

    Based on the resulting indicators, the experts at Gebo Cermex are able to come up with recommendations tailored to our clients’ exact requirements, covering priorities such as:

    • Improving overall performance by optimizing mechanical operations, automation, robotics and general line organization,
    • Suggestions for curative, preventive, operational and predictive maintenance,
    • Training for operators (e.g. cutting down the time lost during format changeovers),
    • Upgrade suggestions (mechanics, automation) for each machine, and potential new options and configurations.

  • A further step towards the factory of the future

    ESM is now available for all new machines in the Gebo Cermex range, and is also fully compatible as an upgrade for the company’s numerous systems already up and running around the world.


    A simple and effective step towards greater line intelligence, potentially starting with the line’s most critical machine.

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