We are committed to maximizing yours

No matter your field, we can solve your challenges.

We offer a broad range of solutions: from line-integration to conveying, from feeding systems and tunnel machines to overwrapping, packing and palletizing systems. All are built on five decades of expertise and the best-in-class technology that has made both Gebo and Cermex such trusted names.

You can be sure that whatever market you produce for, we have experience in the challenges you face and can provide you with the right solution for your needs.

  • Engineering expertise.
  • Integration of independent outsourced equipment.
  • Material handling specialist.
  • Complete end-of-line know-how.
  • End-to-End project management.

Performance maximization in four dimensions

We add value to our customers’ businesses in four dimensions, from equipment design and manufacturing to line engineering, services and line improvement.


Packaging line engineering


Line engineering

  • Civil work, utilities, process and packaging including
  • Integration of independent outsourced equipment
  • Material handling specialization
  • End-to-end project management


  • Packing
  • Overwrapping
  • Palletizing – Depalletizing
  • Conveying and feeding systems
  • Tunnel machines


  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • Spare Parts
  • Technical assistance
  • Line conversions & upgrades

Asset performance

  • Measurement tools
  • Audits
  • Reliability improvement services

Depending on your needs we can add substantial value to all, some or just one of the four dimensions. In all of them we are committed to enhancing your competitive edge in an ongoing process.


You can be assured that in each we are dedicated to enhancing your competitive edge.