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Committed to being first in line

Our values define the way we interact with our clients, with our partners, and with each other. We know that the success of our company depends on this unity of purpose and principle, providing the framework which guides our employees as they represent Gebo Cermex, and serving as a guarantee of quality which our clients can trust unreservedly.


We are definitely a technology oriented company that creates value for customers in products and services. This is our corporate vision. But do not forget that behind the technology, there are men and women. Technology must be at their service.


Marc Aury, President & Managing Director: “The values, in general, give sense to our behavior and our actions. They represent the way we understand the world and life as a whole. Within Gebo Cermex, in particular, they allow to explain the collective forward movement of our company.”


Our values are this common base, the cement that binds Gebo Cermex women and men together in achieving and realizing the vision of our company: to be First in line for its customers.


    We encourage a culture of recognition and on-going personal development. Technology is for and created by people. It is our belief that the best results are created in an environment of mutual respect, trust and inspiration. By supporting and motivating each other we can make a difference.
    Our culture is built on the desire to achieve the best possible result every time. We are proactive, resource-efficient and focused on the details. In everything we do, we are committed to doing it right first time. We believe there is always room for improvement.
    Initiative is the quality that moves us forward. We encourage an open environment where enthusiasm is the driving force. Failure may be a risk, but we are not afraid to try as we know great ideas are born from bold actions.
    We always seek new ways to challenge both ourselves and the industries we serve. We integrate our extensive knowledge and experience with the latest technologies to deliver sustainable benefits to our customers and stakeholders.
    Our expertise is an invaluable asset that we share and build upon with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We are experts who are passionate about expanding our know-how so that we are always our customers’ first choice. It is our ambition in everything we do.