We provide services that can help you run your operations more smoothly and efficiently with maximum return on investment.

Your return on your investment in production assets depends on your ability to take them to the required level of performance and to keep them operating at that level, year after year. With our complete service product portfolio, we will help you maximise the performance of both stand-alone machines and complete, integrated packaging lines.

If you are happy with the way your assets are performing, our services include all the essentials needed to keep your equipment running perfectly: a highly reliable spare parts service, technical support which can be escalated to whatever level you require and the ability to rapidly adapt your production assets to ever changing needs.

Operator & Maintenance Trainings
We understand that no matter how well equipment is designed, the skills of your production & maintenance personnel will have a major impact on asset performance
Spare parts
Preserving the functional capabilities of your equipment requires high quality maintenance
Line conversions & upgrades
We anticipate on your need to accommodate ever changing requirements during the operating life of your equipment
Technical Assistance
In crisis situations our focus is on speed to resolve

Gebo Cermex offers the most complete range of automatic end of line machinery on the market capable of handling all types of packaging.

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