Civil engineering Civil engineering Civil engineering animated plans Floor engineering

Structural & civil engineering



  • From greenfield project to plant modernization and building renovation
  • Holistic approach
  • Multidisciplinary team

Civil engineering
Floor engineering
Platform design

Greenfield projects or plant extension

  • In partnership or joint venture with Architecture & Engineering firm.

Complete plant structural and civil engineering

  • Specifications and drawings with associate partner.
  • Proper engineering practice licenses for state or country.

Plant renovation, facilities conversion

  • Floor drains
  • Sanitary floor topping
  • Roof reinforcing
  • Platform design
  • Conversion of building into a production area

Our floor engineering services focus on hygiene, ergonomics and safety.

  • Scope of supply
    • Floor drains
    • Sanitary floor topping


  • Design of floors and drains according to line layout
    • Position of processes vs. Machine Specifications: hygiene, sewage, CIP / COP, hygrometry
    • Position of machines: process beds, pasteurizer, washer, etc.
    • Operator convenience and safety
    • Cleanability

  • Smooth operations and ergonomics at all stages: functional space and material and personnel flows
  • Best speed of response of the operator under maximum security
  • Perfect coherence between facilities and production and compliance with the technical specifications
  • Flexibility thanks to the integration of future capacity increase and additional production facilities in the studies
  • Assessment of the general ergonomics and access to the machines
    • Machine operations
    • Maintenance
    • System overview
    • Operator safety
  • Principle sketches based on line layout and required accesses
    • Conveyor supporting platforms
    • Electrical cabinet platforms
    • Service catwalks
  • Included deliverables
    • Structural calculations
    • General arrangement drawings
    • 3D drawings showing building and existing constraints



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