Managing contractor Alternative methods Commitments

Managing Contractor

  • Alternative line project management method
  • Line design & Integration of third-party equipment
  • Conveying and automation systems design

Complete project management

Supplied services and equipment

  • Front end engineering: feasibility studies, ancillary studies, line & systems designs
  • Equipment selection based on performance specifications
  • Design and programming of line systems and control
  • Conveyors supply
  • Complete project management up to installation supervision, start-up and commissioning
  • Line performance guarantee


  • Concept: obligation to design a concept that will work
  • Equipment: obligation to specify equipment complying with technical specifications
  • Means: obligation to supply competent staff for the project
  • Result: performance defined prior to contract

Added value

  • One source of accountability
  • One performance provider
  • One contract manager
  • A well-balanced relationship: information and know-how sharing between the OEMs, the Managing Contractor and the client
  • Freedom of choice by supporting the client dealing with OEMs
  • High standard conveying technique
  • Remote line control



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