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Tunnel pasteurizers: Pama Swing® Pasteurizer

  • Sustainability
  • Excellent product quality
  • Easy and safe maintenance

Product information

  • Suitable for beer, soft drinks, juices, sport drinks, isotonics, teas
  • Single or double deck
  • Single or double tunnel per deck
  • Max length over 30 meters
  • Width up to 7 meters, with a narrow pitch
  • Wide range of alternative layouts, for the same process area
  • Main belt in plastic or in stainless steel, equippable with dynamic transfer
  • Automatic filtering system
  • Single heat exchanger
  • Brand new patented “Swing® device”, in order to avoid water mixing during PU control phase
  • Equipped with “PRINCE”, the most advanced pasteurization control system
  • Reducing energy consumption


  • Patented water spray deviation system in each central zone, in order to avoid water mixing during PU control phase, avoiding to spend energy in cooling down and rewarming up the central tanks
    • 25% less steam consumption
    • 25% less water consumption
  • Single ring circuit: water flows inside the circuit at a constant temperature, thanks to a single heat exchanger, and is then distributed to different zones
  • “PRINCE” control software is managing fresh water in a brand new way, reducing even further the water and steam consumption

Product quality

  • “PRINCE” control software is optimizing PU accumulation for any sequence of start&stop
  • “PRINCE” control software is always achieving “killing effect” (permanence for a set minimum time at a set minimum temperature) for any sequence of start&stop
  • Thanks to the patented water spray deviation system, the Swing® pasteurizer is very reactive, resulting in an even narrower range in the PU accumulation
  • The heating ring with single heat exchanger makes possible to keep precisely the spray temperature at the set point value

Ergonomics: Maintenance and Accessibility

  • The machine is provided with one single heat exchanger, reducing cleaning and maintenance operations
  • All the components that have to be maintained or checked are accessible from the floor level, on machine sides
  • Self cleaning spray-nozzles
  • Self cleaning spray-header
  • Automatic self cleaning filtering system
  • All the tanks have sloped bottom and man-hole doors
  • Hygienic design
  • High accessibility to the tunnels through side doors
  • Top area fully walkable and equipped with removable top covers
  • “PRINCE” software is very user friendly and is giving clear indications about machine functioning and performance

Pama Swing
(810.61 kB)  





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