High speed single column palletizer : EvoFlex® High speed single column palletizer : EvoFlex® High speed single column palletizer : EvoFlex® High speed single column palletizer : EvoFlex®

High speed single column palletizer : EvoFlex®

  • Universal, flexible and evolutive architecture
  • Single column with double lifting unit and low level infeed
  • Clean design with advanced ergonomics and accessibility

Product information

Flexibility & Versatility

  • Suitable for any speed application.
  • All product and pallet types without manual adjustment.
  • Fast changeover :
    • Automatic changeovers without manual intervention
    • Changeovers in less than 1 minute

Low Level Infeed

  • High accessibility and better visibility.
  • Effectively eliminates the health and safety risks.
  • All operation at ground floor.
  • No pack elevator, stairs, gantries, elevated platforms required compared to high level infeed.
  • CAPEX diminution thanks to less conveyors needed.
  • Simplified maintenance with easy access to machine parts, for a reduced OPEX.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Only one operator for the whole end-of-line
  • Optimized consumptions :
    • High efficiency drives, based on brush less technology.
    • Low air consumption, only 2 cylinders.
  • Very low maintenance :
    • Sturdy and reliable single column technology.
    • Simple motion technology: armoured driving belts, no chains.
    • Reduced component groups.

Easy operation - Accessibility

  • Compact/reduced layout.
  • Adaptability to site constraints.
  • Improved ergonomics and safety :
    • Only one operator for the whole end-of-line.
    • Simple supervision operation.
    • All operations and mains parts accessible at floor level.
  • Autonomy: intuitive and user-friendly operator interface.

Smooth pack/case handling and reliable layer preparation

  • Layer preparation with belt conveyor for accurate handling of instable packs.
  • No pusher: carriage simply based on its inertia.
  • High friction belt to allow smooth layer transfers, suitable for any type of product surfaces.
  • Additional layer accumulating table for high speed applications.
  • Vertical moving belt conveyor taking the already formed layer and transferring it to the roller head.

Layer handling by central column concept with roller head

Central column

  • Double lifting unit on a single column.
  • Brush less self braking motors equipped with an encoder for the vertical movement.
  • Simple motion technology: armored driving belts, no chains.

Roller head

  • Composed with a motorized rollers table and 4 lateral compacting guides driven by brush less motors.
  • Transfer in roller head based on layer inertia (no additional motorization and pusher needed).
  • Head opening in 2 halves to release the layer onto the pallet/standing layer.

Central pallet conveyor

  • Empty pallet stopped by mechanical retainer pneumatically driven.
  • Presence and correct positioning of the pallet done by 2 safety photocells.

HMI and Place software

  • Various control system platforms available.
  • Full and easy access/control of all machine’s parameters.
  • Place programming and pallet pattern management software, giving full autonomy to the user.
  • Possibility to integrate EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool) for machine and line supervision.
  • 10” touchscreen main control panel and additional 6” mobile touchscreen.

Pad dispenser

  • Capability to handle different pad material, dimension and thickness.
  • Rotating arm equipped with suction cups.
  • Precise positioning of the pad onto the pallet/standing layer.
  • Brush less motorization for high speed version.
  • Manual or automatic pad magazine loading.

Pallet handling

  • Design and supply of tailor-made lay-out fitting factories’ flows and space constraints.
  • All conveying modules are available: roller, chain conveyors, rotating and 90° tables, elevators.
  • Comprehensive range of pallet handling devices : pallet magazine, pallet inspection system.

Integration for logistic solution

  • Stretch wrapper.
  • Pallet labeller.
  • Automatic or laser guided guide vehicles (AGV/LGV).
  • Automated warehouse.
  • EIT Plas software for supply chain management.






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