Compact layer by layer palletizer : PalPack 3300 Compact layer by layer palletizer : PalPack 3300 Compact layer by layer palletizer : PalPack 3300 Compact layer by layer palletizer Pal-Pack 3300

Compact layer by layer palletizer : Pal-Pack 3300

  • Industrialized, standardized solution
  • Excellent quality / price / performance ratio
  • Up to 1400 packages/hour or 100 layers/hour

Product information

Compact footprint & Reliability

  • Machine compactness and ergonomic design for this tried-and-tested monobloc unit
  • Simple design, limiting machine downtime
  • Integration of transparent guards within the machine frame for improved safety

High quality / Price / Performance ratio

  • Optimized ROI thanks to the industrialized, standardized machine design
  • Minimum maintenance (quick and simple operations)
  • Easy to use, limited training and technical documentation required
  • Servo-driven step-by-step system for forming product rows (Electronic Spacer)
  • Good TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Speeds of up to 1 400 packs per hour
  • Maximum payload : 250 kg

Machine Flexibility and Versatility

  • Handling of RSCs, wrap around blanks, shrink-wrapped packs with or without corrugated supports for the food, wine and spirits, soft drinks, home and personal care market segments.
  • Thanks to Pal Designer® software for simulation and configuration of pallet patterns (option), the user has full autonomy to create new formats.
  • Automated format creation and changes via HMI
  • 3D simulation with performance results
  • Versatile machine throughout its service life

Additional modules

  • Automatic layer card insertion and empty pallet infeed
  • Integrated pallet wrapping
  • Automatic outfeed of loaded pallets on conveyors or AGV (motorized conveyor)
  • Optional pallet pattern creation and modification software (Pal
    Designer®) giving users full autonomy





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