Automatic layer by layer palletizer : Pal Pack 4000 Automatic layer by layer palletizer : Pal Pack 4000 Automatic layer by layer palletizer : Pal Pack 4000 Automatic layer by layer palletizer : Pal Pack 4000

Automatic layer by layer palletizer : Pal Pack 4000 series & Pal Kombi

  • Modular and industrial design
  • High speed
  • Eco-design - Energy saving

Pal Kombi
Pal Pack

Pal-Kombi is an automatic palletizer suitable for crates, cartons, trays, shrink-wrapped packs and all types of packages in general.

Designed for medium to high speeds, Pal-Kombi works with a steady low-level infeed pallet. Maximum speed is 5 layers/minute for the one-pallet version and 8 layers/minute for the version with two pallets worked simultaneously.

The preformed layer lifting system is supported by two vertical columns with U-shaped closed bars. Wearproof steel guides ensure the roller bearings roll efficiently.

Main features

  • Highly rigid structure in closed bars
  • Long-life guide systems
  • Precise mechanical assembly
  • Simple design and standard parts
  • High quality components
  • Easy control and access
  • Low noise
  • Fully guarded against accidents
  • Easy adjustment for frequent changeovers (patterns and pallet sizes)
  • IP.55 electrical equipment
  • Sand-blasted Epoxy painted main frame.


Thanks to the modular design of the central structure, all the accessories required for the latest  palletization technology are available  and  easily applied:

  • Single row infeed
  • Multiple row infeed
  • High level infeed with supporting frame and walkway
  • Pallet magazine for different types and dimensions
  • Pallet conveyors with rollers and chains
  • Interlayer pad dispenser and magazine
  • Self-adjustment for different sizes of pallet and pack
  • Glue applying device
  • Trouble-shooting display.

Special devices and accessories will be designed and supplied upon request.

Productivity and flexibility

  • No interruption in the product flow at the palletizer infeed
  • Continuous layer preparation
  • Controlled product handling
  • Versatile configuration: 2, 4 or 6 robots optimize layer preparation depending on the product infeed speed
  • A extremely user-friendly HMI provides direct access to the various parameters of the installation
  • Quick automatic changeovers
  • Peripheral modules complete the equipment: sheet insertion on the pallet and between layers, automatic pallet distribution, pallet handling and transfer...

Reliability and eco-design

  • Fitted with an "electronic spacer" layer preparation system, the PAL-PACK 4000 palletizer series guarantees total respect of your product, irrespective of type and pallet pattern
  • Layers are centered on the pallet to ensure even weight distribution on the pallet perimeter
  • Fully compliant with NF01-005 standard
  • Identification of the environmental profile by ATEP V2 standardized software
  • Reduction in energy consumption, recyclable equipment

Ergonomics and modularity

  • Easy operator access with maximum safety
  • Minimum footprint
  • Layer positioning module on dual platform model fitted with a front slat table which rolls up
  • Customized, upgradeable solution


  • Ergonomic, floor-level operation for simple, minimum maintenance
  • Pal-Designer software for creating and simulating programs in real time
  • Instant programming of patterns
  • Estimation of machine output

Peripheral equipment

  • Layer sheet magazine and dispenser
  • Empty pallet magazine with control of pallets dispensed
  • Conveying system for products and empty and full pallets

3D Animations:
Layer by Layer Palletizer
(377.29 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"




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