Wrap around case and tray packers : WB&BB46 Wrap around case and tray packers : WB&BB46 Wrap around case and tray packers : WB&BB46 Wrap around case and tray packers : WB&BB46

Wrap around case and tray packers : WB&BB46

  • Ultra-smooth operations ensuring packaging quality
  • Cut down Total Cost of Ownership with 30% electricity saving
  • Easy changeovers in less than 5 minutes

Product information

New motion system

  • New automation platform with electronic synchronization
  • Enhancement of the case handling part, removal of the chains
  • Greater precision on case positioning
  • Fully compliant with OMAC and Pack ML standards

Easy 5-minute changeovers

  • Automatic adjustments: case length, width and height
  • New unlock / lock push buttons for ultra-fast adjustments
  • Rapid change parts replacement thanks to quick release systems

Enhanced ergonomics

  • Blank magazine at fixed height of 850mm
  • Sturdy large guard doors for optimal visibility
  • Full access to the inside of the machine
  • User-friendly HMI: direct access to diagnostic pages
  • 12’’ HMI panel with more functionalities

High hygiene level

  • Open design with reduced dust and fluid retention zones
  • Easy access for machine cleaning
  • Hygienic and low-maintenance thermoplastic polyurethane timing belts (FDA approved)
  • Removal of the chains (case transfer level, adjustment point mechanism)

Product packing

  • Stocking of blanks in a fix flat magazine with motorized belt, 1500mm long.
  • Positive extraction and accurate positioning of the blank in a U-shape between brackets by a rotating arm with suction cups.
  • Blank held between brackets by folding and guiding the long bottom flaps.
  • Flap deflection and guiding of the batch of products into the blank by bridge and loading funnel.
  • Motorized transfer of the batch into the blank with front and rear guides.
  • Product batch held stable inside the blank by folding the inner flaps.
  • Motorized transfer of the blanks by mechanical belt shuttle advancing step by step.
  • Gluing of the joining lug by glue gun mounted on a motorized mobile support.
  • Lid folding by fixed guide.
  • Progressive folding of long flaps with speed control to apply even glue strips.
  • Application of pressure on 5 sides of the static packaging to guarantee gluing and squaring prior to outfeed.

3D Animations:
Wrap around case packer : WB
(109.95 kB)
Wrap around tray packer : BB
(701.56 kB)

To view those animations you need Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, you can download it at the Adobe web site"




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