Continuous wrap around case packer Continuous wrap around case packer Continuous wrap around case packer Continuous wrap around case packer

Continuous wrap around case packer : VersaWrap®

  • Speed up to 65 cycles/min
  • Handling of wrap around blanks, trays and film including film only
  • Case magazine with dual extraction system

Product collation
Running principle

Regulated Flow Selection (SFR)

  • High speed, multi-format versatility and easy adjustments
  • Unique adjustable system for products with diameters ranging from 55 to 124 mm (0.25 L to 3L)
  • Repeatability and saving in time for format changeovers
  • Easy adjustment of lanes and selecting fingers thanks to servo-drive

Regulated flow selection SFR

Diagonal Infeed System (CCO)

  • Compact single file solution avoiding lane distribution
  • Continuous infeed for optimum product and label protection
  • Lateral pin-gating system adapted to each collation
  • Handling of special-shaped products (ovoid, square with rounded corners, etc.)

Pin-gating Selection (SDI)

  • Removable cassette adapted to each format
  • Simple to use, no adjustments
  • Economic solution for a limited number of formats
  • Mechanical system with simplified maintenance
  • Product conveying system especially suited to unstable products

Case magazine

  • High capacity/autonomy
  • Extraction of blanks in 2 movements for greater reliability
  • Motorized arm equipped with 4 suction cups to grip the blank along its whole width
  • Option: 90° magazine for easy refilling
  • Size changeover in 15 minutes

Forming / Loading

  • Identical direction of flow for products and cardboard blanks
  • Perfect synchronization of  the batch and the blank thanks to the use of servomotors
  • Positive and constant guiding of the products/packaging

Gluing / Pressing

  • Upper brackets fitted with rubber cushions to compensate for dimensional variations in products and packaging and consequently guarantee the case is properly sealed
  • Positive case guiding during pressing to ensure perfect squaring
  • Joining lug inside or outside the cardboard packaging

Model derived from the VersaWrap®, integrating a module for shrink-wrapping packs (blank or printed film) with or without flat board, U-board or tray.

Film handling

  • Extractible injection table to enable quick and easy tool-free control and maintenance
  • Servo-driven positive film feeding system

Shrink-wrapped packs or batches on flat board

  • Retractable system for handling packs with or without cardboard support, integrated as standard into the machine
  • Automatic machine conversion in 15 minutes without change parts
  • Option : module for shrink-wrapping packs with or without support


  • Optimized air circulation for improved shrinking and quality of the finished pack
  • Increased insulation to limit energy consumption

Options: automatic film-reel changeover (DIS) and system for easy-open packs

3D Animations:
Continuous wrap around and case packer : VersaWrap®
(458.01 kB)

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