Compact RSC cases packer Compact RSC cases packer Compact RSC cases packer Compact RSC cases packer

Compact wrap around case and tray packer : SW

  • Forming, side loading and sealing on a single machine for three types of packaging
  • Very compact and uniform unit
  • Advanced ergonomics and accessibility

Product information

Technical characteristics

  • Numerous hygiene adaptations.
  • Patented case extraction system.
  • Same case automation module for both RSC and wrap around blanks.
  • Extremely compact 4m² footprint.
  • Ability, within the same footprint, to seal cases with glue or tape.
  • Case magazine height lowered to 850mm to improve blank handling by the operator.
  • Collating system adapted to the nature, shape and rigidity of the product.


  • Absence of product retention zones so that products fall directly on the ground, at the infeed, collation and loading stations, thanks to sloping plates.
  • Improved operator access to the case handling part, in particular the loading station.
  • Size changeover times optimized thanks to centralized setting points and the integration of changeover assistance via IVO digital counters (as an option).
  • Integration of labeller and/or ink jet coder, whatever the machine configuration.
  • Optional control of products at the infeed by integrated vision system.


  • For requirements in terms of speed and smooth handling, the loading operation can be carried out by a “Pick & Pack” gripper: pneumatic, mechanic, robotic, 2-axis, 3-axis, 6-axis, or Scara.
  • Speed: up to 13 cases per minute depending on the type of product and collation.

Product packing

  • Stocking of blanks in a flat magazine with chains or timing belt advancing mechanically and guide to maintain stability.
  • Positive blank extraction and forming (patented system) by two rotating arms fitted with suction cups.
  • Flap deflection and guiding of the batch of products into the blank by rotating bridge and loading funnel.
  • Motorized transfer of the batch into the blank with gluing of the joining lug.
  • Folding and holding of the inner flaps.
  • Motorized transfer of the blanks (held square) by mechanical shuttle with speed control for even application of glue strips.
  • Folding of the lid by fixed guide during transfer.
  • Folding of the long flaps by fixed guides during transfer.
  • Pressure applied evenly to case sides to ensure gluing and squaring of the blank prior to outfeed.

3D Animations:
Compact wrap around case and tray packer : SW
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